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Confirmation if I'm stretching correctly

Confirmation if I'm stretching correctly

Okay so I’ve been reading and searching and I still can’t quite figure out if what I’m doing is correct or not so thought I would write it down myself and hopefully get some opinions.

So what I do is after a warmup I basically grab as close too the base of the penis as possible and then stretch in any direction and what I feel stretching is kind of the skin in the pubic area. But it also somewhat feels like a tendon stretch. Now for a couple weeks I figured this was correct until I had a grasp much higher (incredibly hard to get traction though) where it felt more like I was pulling the veins further (not just veins but like if there was an inner tube within the penis that is what was being pulled). And now I don’t know what to believe haha

Any input would be appreciated thanks

You can follow this link to get videos of the correct way to do all of the exercises.

Penis Enlargement Videos

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My thread on the downsides of big girth: Big Girth - The Downside

Knew I had seen those somewhere, thanks. On the other hand, I think I’ve been doing it wrong for nearly 6 weeks haha so good news bad news. Thanks again.

Originally Posted by redfield11
I had a grasp much higher (incredibly hard to get traction though)

Try baby powder for a better grip?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Try baby powder for a better grip?

Or rubber gloves, which are available at wal-mart for approximately $2.50/pair.

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Thanks iamaru and bbcs319, just used latex gloves and while it looked weird to be naked with gloves on it worked really well haha

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