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Confidence & Post-Coitus ED

Confidence & Post-Coitus ED

Hey Guys! Just wanted to drop a line about a couple Newbie problems I have been having. I’ve been posting in the Main Members forum about my recent RESTART after two months of overtraining, but now I’ve decided it proper to post in the Newbie Forum.

Anyhow, does anyone have advice about keeping confidence up? I don’t mean just with the ladies or with self image, but confidence in PE’ing itself? Does anyone have a personal tale of how they have remained faithful to their PE routine?

Also, I have been having something that I call “Post-Coitus ED”. My loving girlfriend of a year and I have sex about once a week (sometimes more, but always once a week). Well sometimes we want to go another round or two, but I recently haven’t been able to keep an erection the second time around. The first time I am able to keep it up for the most part, but if I get a hard on the second time ARG! I could be having the most amazing sex, but my dick will just go limp in mid stroke(s). I’ve found that since I EDGE during sex (otherwise I would shoot in about 8 - 10 minutes) it might have an effect. Has anyone else has a similar problem? Any advice?

I hope to hear from all the good guys on this forum … Sometimes I am amazed that there is such a tight-knight community of secure men willing to talk through such a sensitive topic as penis size. I mean, having a small dick can ruin someones entire life, crazy!

Thanks —- Drew

The delay in another erection occuring is called your “refractory period.” It varies, male to male, and is caused by a production surge of prolactin at the time you ejaculate and results in a forced rest period.



Well, you could try doing kegels. I worked my self up to 5 sets of 3min holds, with 30 seconds of rest in between, over the course of about 5 months. It probably won’t help you keep it up the second time around, but it will make it so you don’t have to “edge” the first time. And if you really commit, and do them like your supposed to, you should be able to last for an hour or more. Though, it takes some “practice” to get the timming down - how to stop yourself from coming with you BC muscles, that is.

I figure, if you can’t’ go a second time, fuck trying. Just make the first time around so good she won’t have the energy for another go :D

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