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Condom Size

Condom Size

I have been struggling with this for a while now. When I try and use a snugger fit condom the base of my penis feels like it is about to bust. But I tried to use a regular condom (Trojan Fire and Ice) and it fits fine at the base but where my penis head is and a little bit below there is extra latex making it look like the condom is too big for me. What the hell is a man to do about this?


You know it’s hard to judge what your talking about without seeing a picture. But, are you making sure to pinch the head of the regular condom while you put it on to leave some room at the top?

If that doesn’t work I’d say in the short term try different brands (lifestyle, etc) and in the longer term work on PE to get your penis to a size where you no longer have this problem.

Hope that helps!

Yeah I know, no camera though. Yeah I’m pinching the top but I was looking at a diagram for the Fire and Ice and they make the top of the condom larger than the base. My penis has more girth at the base and my penis head is about as large as my mid shaft I would say others are like that too. So I don’t understand why they would make them like that. I would use a lifestyles but the base of my penis feels like it’s about to pop, I’m like at a weird median here.

For what it is worth, there’s a condom called “inspiral” that is actually designed to be bigger at the head and fit loosely there.

The idea is that you get more sensation to the head than with a more fitted condom. It is very well reviewed. I’ve used them, they are indeed pretty good for condoms.

Here’s what they look like:

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