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Condom Size

Condom Size

What’s up guys I have a question for everyone.

I’m 6.3 BPEL and 5.75 EG. I find regular condoms VERY tight. I find myself having to put in a lot of force just to pull them off of my penis and it’s actually quite frustrating. Putting them on is rather difficult as well.

I was wondering if I should upgrade perhaps to a trojan magnum(I hear these have room for more girth). I’m not sure if
My penis is long enough to wear the magnum lengthwise though. Are there other condoms for average length, but greater girth?
If anyone can shed some light on this topic or has any suggestions that would be great.

You can use the Magnum condom for it’s width benefit and not roll it all the way down so that it accomodates your length as well.

I have very similar stats as you, 6.5 BPEL and 5.75 EG and I was using normal trojans before I switched to magnums. I found that the normal trojans ones were very tight and often cut off my circulation making me lose my erection. After switching to magnums however they have been much more comfortable and it fits my girth really well. Like toofpick said, I just don’t roll it down all the way.

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