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Condom question

Condom question

Alright I have been PEing for about a week and I have yet another question. From all your guys help, I am fairly certain I have everything down, but I have a question about condom sizes. What are the minimum girth requirements for Trojan Magnum / Trojan Magnum XL?

Started PE: 04/12/06 BP Erect Length: 6.5" Erect Length : 5.75" Erect Girth : 5.75" Goals: 7" NBP Length 6" Girth

Personally i am at 6.25” girth last measurement (about a month ago) and magnums are snug. So i would suggest anyone over 6” to use the XL. At 5.5 You might be at the threshold for the magnum. Try both regular and magnums and see which one you like better.

Aekel thanks to the future goal idea.”to pull out a Magnum XL and actually being able to use it”. Damn I won’t even have to use pick-up lines I would just pull that out like a business card hahaha. Just joking. I’m about 5inches around and I think the xl’s are a bit to big for me.

Anthony Massi

Thanks for the info guys, I currently use Magnums and they actually feel pretty snug, there’s no way they would come off it feels like. I’ve tried on regular condoms before and they actually made my penis hurt after a few mins, so those are definitely something I’m not going to use. Yeah I pretty much am just curious what would be a good size for the XL’s, I’m guessing it would be from 6” and up (thanks davesj1), but I’m not completely sure because I can’t seem to find any exact measurements for girth with the condoms, it’s all in width or something weird like that.

Started PE: 04/12/06 BP Erect Length: 6.5" Erect Length : 5.75" Erect Girth : 5.75" Goals: 7" NBP Length 6" Girth

Regulars were always a tad snug for me- I never realized that there was sizing. As a WTF I picked up a box of Magnums when I hit the 5.75” Girth mark [it was a 120% erection that day]- and damn it all to hell if they didn’t fit like a dream.

Since then I’ve also tried Life Styles XL King Size- also a good fit.

On a good day I push 6” in girth, generally I sit about 5.75” with good wood and now never fall below 5.6” even with mild wood.

I strongly suggest that you pick up a pack of Magnums if you’re over 5”- pop one on for a trial and see how it fits.
And keep the rest of the pack as motivation.

And I will tell you, I’ve gone from a discreet condom buyer to a stadium announcer. I try to ask the prettiest young thing to get me the Magnums. I hold them obviously in line at the checkout. I leave the box out on the dresser.

Dozen Trojan Magnum Size condoms- $9.99
Her eyes widening when she sees the box?- priceless

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