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Condom dilemma

Condom dilemma

I started having sex with this girl, and the condoms are messing it up to the extreme. First it is hard to get on, and then I find it hard to maintain an erection while having sex. It seems that they take away all sensation. Anyways. I am wondering if larger condoms would make it better, that is what the girl suggested, or if you guys know any particular brands that are better or something. I am currently using some lifestyles ones. I don’t really feel as though magnums would be the answer, judging by what people have said about them on here, my girth is a little over 5.25”, and I heard you need 5.5” for them.

Hard to get on?

How hard is it?

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It doesn’t seem to unroll properly, and it will only go about three quarters of the way down.

Try a different brand. Different brands have different measurements. If I remember correctly, Lifestyles and Durex tend to be on the smaller side.

Usually things like that are mental…
You just have to make it exiting. Make her put the condom on after a good foreplay. And do it 100% sober.
For me just one glass of alcohol may cause some erection problems. For somebody that one glass may remove tension and help relax.

Damn the STD…

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Try Crown Skinless Skins.

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The best condoms I’ve ever used were InSpirals. They are AWESOME, and the only ones I’ve ever used that actually did improve sensation for the guy, and frankly it was a hell of a lot better for me too. I’ve never gotten a thing out of the ribbed for her pleasure, ruff riders, etc condoms. They weren’t squeaky, either! There’s a lot of sex noises I love, but condom squeak is not one of them.

There’s another brand that’s got a looser head area, that seems to help a lot, but I didn’t like them as much, and I’ve forgotten the name. InSpirals are the best condom, hands down, that I’ve used. They’re a bit more, but they are totally worth it.

If someone with a lot of girth could give them a try and let me know how they work out, I’d really appreciate it. Like I said, I adore these things, because the head design is really nice, but I have no idea how they feel on the shaft of someone with a lot of girth.

Miss Lotus

Thanks for the responses guys, I think I will give another brand a try.

When I was married I used the natural skin (sheep/lamb?) on occasion when she needed a break from her birth control. I could feel no difference in sensitivity with these as I did with latex. It was just like riding bareback.

Keep in mind however that natural skin condoms are ONLY for preventing pregnancy and do not prevent the transmission of communicable diseases. Only use them with trusted partners that have been properly tested.

The last few times I have had some trouble myself with condoms. When she would hardly touch it I would stay hard for forever, but as soon as I put a condom on I would lose like 40% hardness and it would be really hard to have sex until I really started going, and then it would get as hard as it usually is. One time I even gave up because it became too flaccid to have sex and it just wasn’t working. Yeah when I got head or anything I wouldn’t have any problems whatsoever. Who knows, I think I am going to try a bunch of kegels or something.

Try Trojan, I seem to have better luck with those

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The smaller Trojans sometimes don’t fit me and I was having the trouble with magnums.

My girlfriend seems to think trojans are bad news for some reason.

There is a company that creates custom fit for length and girth. Check out:


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