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Condom advice


Condom advice

hey guys. Don’t really know where to post it, so I’ll post it here.

The local condoms really cause me trouble. My penis is 5.7 length and around 5.2 girth. The issue is… it’s almost 2 inches wide if I look at it from upwards. I also have a pronounced upwards curve. I have a big difficulty rolling the condom up on my shaft.

I tried LovePlus and Durex condoms…same problem. Durex seems to be a bit wider…but still causing me trouble. Should I use lube? Or should I try trojans? What condoms would you guys recommend? I thought of magnums but I don’t really have a big dick…I guess my width is the issue.

Would really appreciate your help. Condoms are expensive here (for us) and don’t really feel like wasting money.

Trojan FTW.

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

Thanks, man.

I’d like to hear more opinions… especially from guys who are kind of in my situation.

Wide isn’t the issue— girth is— but if you’re finding regular size too small then up the size for comfort sake.

As to lubing up to put it on— I don’t know about that.

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I’ve never lubed a condom before, but that sounds like trouble! Maybe it could slip and left inside of her. Just sayin’

I’ve found the problem. Don’t quite know how to fix it.

It’s my foreskin
I can pull my foreskin back and roll it on like that…it’s a LITTLE bit uncomfortable but the problem is my accumulated foreskin prevents the condom from rolling down on my cock. (girth difference caused by foreskin)

Anyone had this problem? And if you did, how did you solve it? I DON’T want circumcision.

Funny you mentioned that. I’ve been waiting for someone to bring this up who is uncircumcised. The only solution I have found is to not use condoms.
I can’t pull my hoodie back at all without pain, I feel like it’s gunna break or something crazy like that.

It’s not a great solution but tight condoms, loose condoms, lubricated, ribbed condoms all ride up and never stay on properly.
It’s kind of embarrassing putting a condom on having 75% of it roll off like it doesn’t fit. In all my relationships in the past, my girlfriend
would just say “screw the condom, I’ll just go on the pill”.

Besides it’s impossible for me to bust a nut with a condom on. On top of that sex feels way better without one.

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Maybe try Magnums?

Don’t lube it. That is the main reason condoms break. Hell you can stretch a condom over your head “the one on your shoulders” you get it wet inside and it will break open. That is why the instructions say withdraw immediately after ejaculation.

If you ejaculate and keep mule kicking the coochy you are going to tear right through it. Of course this is IF the coochy grips the rubber. If the snatch is tight/not wet enough it grips it, basically holds it in place. Without the dryness inside of the rubber your penis slides out then when you push in your pecker will tear through the top like a fat kid at an ice cream buffet.

I usually roll it down and then stretch with 2 + 2 fingers and take it on glans. Then when the condom is past glans it’s no problem to roll down


Then what’s with the drawing on the condom package with the lube and the condom (it represents putting lube in the condom) ?

Another thing I have is … I find it VERY difficult to mantain an erection long enough to put the condom on when I’m alone (no girl there) / for testing purposes. My arousal just goes down. Tried porn, not very helpful.

Kegals don’t help?

I don’t have enough skin to do this yet and because I only have sex with my wife I don’t need to use condoms anymore. Keep in mind I have only read of this technique.

Pull the skin all the way back with a little tension. Roll the condom onto your penis. Then allow the foreskin to move forward. As the foreskin moves forward roll more of the condom out as you need to and completely cover the penis skin. Depending on how much skin you have the condom can roll inside the fold of your skin as it moves along your shaft and possibly onto the head of your penis.

Recommend Kegals to help with erection issue.

This may help you.

4Foreskin ;)

Ok, guys…I desperately need your help now.

I found the problem. You know that rubber at the end of condom. When it’s not rolled on…it’s thick… and pretty hard to stretch. As you roll it on your cock…it becomes thinner and thinner… cause the latex is consumed. Ok. Here’s the problem. My cock is 1.75 wide at the beginning. The section is an oval not a circle. So the problem is…that rubber won’t stretch to the diameter of the penis. …and actually gets stuck at the beginning…it won’t roll down. I hope you can get the picture. (the rubber can’t stretch enough to roll over…it’s too rough)

BTW, I have a pronounced upward curve…does that affect the condom resistance?

Ok…back to the problem…the rubber won’t stretch enough and it will get stuck because the stretched diameter of the thick rubber.

My tool curves upward like…30 degrees… it’s 5.1-5.2 in girth… around 1.75 wide… 6 length.

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