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Condom advice ASAP

Condom advice ASAP

Looking for some condom buying advice .Basically my cock is kinda skinny at the top (head) and thicker as it goes down to shaft. It’s bout 7” long bout just over 4 1/2” thick at top and over 5” thick at bottom and uncut. I bought some Mates standard before but found them a too tight at the bottom and loose at top, so pretty uncomfortable. So could anybody recommend better ones based on my measurements. Really need some answers quick..


PS- while I’m at it, is my cock decent size to pleasure the average woman?? (I’ve been trying this PE for a bit, without much luck though) Also, is it odd to be thick at bottom and thin at top and does that make any difference during sex?

7” in length is way above average. Girth is average kind of :)

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If you’re finding the Mates a little disproportionate, this is a useful link to determine most condom brands and their dimensions. (Just click on a pack of johnnies and it’ll show some basic size information).

Your cock is more than big enough to pleasure the average woman, but is it big enough to bring you pleasure? :-k

There are 3 main penis shapes, baseball bat(thinner at base), cylinder(pretty even up the shaft) and yours, the cone shape(thicker at base). They are all perfectly servicable.

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Check out this web site (the king of condom) :D

Around 30 condom brands with pictures, dimensions and stuff. Find the ones that matches your particular need.

Good luck!


7 x 6 EG is perfect!

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