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Condom advice


Originally Posted by Penox
Don’t lube it. That is the main reason condoms break. Hell you can stretch a condom over your head “the one on your shoulders” you get it wet inside and it will break open. That is why the instructions say withdraw immediately after ejaculation.

If you ejaculate and keep mule kicking the coochy you are going to tear right through it. Of course this is IF the coochy grips the rubber. If the snatch is tight/not wet enough it grips it, basically holds it in place. Without the dryness inside of the rubber your penis slides out then when you push in your pecker will tear through the top like a fat kid at an ice cream buffet.

Originally Posted by iDare

Then what’s with the drawing on the condom package with the lube and the condom (it represents putting lube in the condom) ?

Funny, Penox, because Planned Parenthood thinks it’s OK to lube your condom.

From Putting on a Condom:

  • Put a drop or two of lubricant inside the condom.

And aren’t those newfangled prelubricated condoms already lubricated inside and out?

Originally Posted by iDare

Ok, guys…I desperately need your help now.

I found the problem. You know that rubber at the end of condom. When it’s not rolled on…it’s thick… and pretty hard to stretch. As you roll it on your cock…it becomes thinner and thinner… cause the latex is consumed. Ok. Here’s the problem. My cock is 1.75 wide at the beginning. The section is an oval not a circle. So the problem is…that rubber won’t stretch to the diameter of the penis. …and actually gets stuck at the beginning…it won’t roll down. I hope you can get the picture. (the rubber can’t stretch enough to roll over…it’s too rough)

BTW, I have a pronounced upward curve…does that affect the condom resistance?

Ok…back to the problem…the rubber won’t stretch enough and it will get stuck because the stretched diameter of the thick rubber.

My tool curves upward like…30 degrees… it’s 5.1-5.2 in girth… around 1.75 wide… 6 length.

Sounds like you need to try a larger condom.

You may not think that you are that large, but if you are having trouble rolling it down, you should explore the option of larger condoms.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Man, you are very much appreciated. Thanks a lot. Told my sister to buy me some magnums.

Let us know how they work out for you.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Yeah, it should be safe to try a Magnum. Although I’m thinking the problem has more to do with the foreskin or the curve than with size, because with a significantly larger width and girth than you have, I have never had a problem rolling on even “snug” sized condoms, although I find larger condoms feel better.

Let us know how the Magnums work out…

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I managed to roll on a Durex Classic. Seems bigger than the “Ultra thin” version. Yet it still feels a bit uncomfortable.

Yep Para, the curve and the foreskin are causing most of the trouble. The condom material gathers a bit where the dick curves… besides the fact that the foreskin causes me trouble when rolling.

Hey try this. Open the condom and unroll a bit, put both thumbs inside the condom and pull it over and down your dick. Walla it goes on and you are ready. This is what I have found to work for me.


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