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Conditioned, stretched 2 months, need advice.

Conditioned, stretched 2 months, need advice.

I started my PE journey for 2 weeks with jelqing and stretching, I determined that Jelqing was not something that I wanted to do and I let it go. I ended up stretching every single day, for around 2 months and 1 week straight, with maybe 5-6 days in total off.

Now, I’m pretty sure my penis is conditioned to stretching, however I never did more then 2 minutes of stretching each session, so that’s why I think I only gained 2 inches in flaccid and an half an inch in length. These seem like reasonable gains, I know. But I’m wondering if the newbie routine is something I should reconsider starting over, from the beginning. I want to maximize my gains as much as possible, and I really want other opinions on this.

Those are great gains! If the program you are doing is still producing gains I would continue with it until gains stop.

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Gained 2 inches of flaccid length and half inch erectile length? Don’t seem logical to me but well done, I hope I can get some gains like that soon.

I agree with kp’s response. Give it another month and see if you are still growing at the same rate before changing anything. Good gains!

Originally Posted by Curiosity
Gained 2 inches of flaccid length and half inch erectile length? Don’t seem logical to me but well done, I hope I can get some gains like that soon.

Taking into the count of multiple types of stretches, it seems logical to me. Like many people here have said, concentrating on one type of constant exercise can have it’s benefits, and as you can see with my gains it’s possible. And remember, flaccid is hard to properly measure, I’d say my flaccid gains are around 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches total. I actually managed to gain those 2 inches in my first week, if anyone else had read my first topic, those 2 inches have kind of stayed with me since then, it measures from 4 1/2 to 5 inches from the 3 I originally had, so It’s hard to determine how much EXACTLY I gained in flaccid, but for sure over an inch.. I owe these gains to tons of different stretches I’ve done since day one. V stretches, up, left, right, down, fowfers, BTC and 2 others I’ve forgotten the name of. And of course the fowfers don’t get in with my regular routine, I do them whenever. It’s also my belief that sticking to one type of exercise maximizes the gains, like with myself all I wanted was length and it’s what I got. I’m now a proud owner of a 7 and a half inch penis.

Thanks for everyones replies. Although, It’s not like I’m going to be changing anything, I just want to add jelqs into my routine, to further maximize the gains I can receive as jelqing also does increase length, right? And yes, I know.. This sort of contradicts my statement above, but I want as much gains as possible to reach my goal of 8 inches, and if jelqing will help, I want to do it.

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