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Concerning ligs.

Concerning ligs.

Hey, all. I just started PEing about a month ago, and all feels well I.e. Harder erections (at times almost too hard), longer flaccid length, slightly longer erect length, etc. But my main focus is on my ligs. When I first started, all of my ligs were rather tight when stretched following the newbie routine. Now, a month in to it, I can only feel that “stretching” feeling when stretching straight down. If I stretch to the sides or upwards, all it feels like I am stretching is my shaft. Am I supposed to feel all ligs stretch or is it normal for some to have more ‘give’ than others?


What you’re feeling is normal. Like you, the only real stretch I feel is downward, but I continue to do the others to keep those ligaments stretched, as well as to work my tunica at the same time.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing this for a month and I don’t think that I’ve quite mastered it yet. I’m still finding ways to tweak my stretches and jelqs and routine in general.

Initially you had tight skin to stretch, now it’s looser. That’s probably what you were feeling, not the ligaments. Ligs are tough. You can’t stretch them like elastic and have them become soft or loose. It was the skin.

I’ve noticed that stretching feels different now. When I started, it felt like I was stretching a rubber band. It stretched further and further as I pulled harder. Now it feels more like pulling on a string—there is very little resistance until it is fully stretched out, then it just stops.

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More lig on one side

Hello I’m a newbie and I notice that when doing stretches I feel more ligs on one side than the other. Is anyone else out there with this problem and should I stretch that side more.

I wouldn’t try to stretch one side more than the other now. Just keep doing regular stretches and see if the feeling evens out. If after a month or so you still feel tightness on one side, then you can try stretching that one side a little harder. I’ll bet it evens out for you though.

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