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Concerned Newbie - LOSING length


It’s about finding what works for you. As I said earlier, I am a hard gainer, and I started out sloppy. I tried a bunch of different things until I found out what works best for me.

depending on how strong I press the measuring tape to my bone, I can get from 5.5 to 6.15 inches, with the current “fair” length being 6.0 (not too much strength, not too little). Maybe you haven’t used same force? Maybe you weren’t as turned on?

PE is definitely not a scam, don’t worry. I heard it doesn’t work for all of the guys, though.

Started: 01/02/2009 ; BPEL: 5.5'' ; EG: 4.35''

01/03/2009 Checkpoint: BPEL 6.0'' ; EG 4.5 '' ; Suspended: 02/03/2009 ; Restarted: 05/01/2010 ; Suspended again: 01/02/2010

Goal: BPEL: 7.0''; EG: 5.5''

I thought I’d give a little update into things.

I got re-focused after my hissy fit. I made myself get more positive and stop bitching. Ever since, my PE sessions have been awesome. I’m gaining now. My erections are stronger than ever and I’m consistently hitting above 6.25” BPEL. My girth is also thicker, but this fluctuates from day to day. I’m excited.

Glad you were able to turn the tide! 0.3” in 7 weeks is a good gain. I’ve got a feeling there will be no stopping you now!.

Originally Posted by GatorLandon
Yeah, sorry. I guess I’m just suffering from extreme frustration.

I see so many people post quick gains and here I am losing length. It just irks me.I need to change my attitude.

You have to understand, its a skewed sample. Those that gain fast are enthusiastic and want to tell us…those that get no where are more likely to just quietly drift away.

Forget the sprint mentality, and settle down into a marathon mentality, then you are almost guaranteed to succeed.


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