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Ok so i was reading up on penis enlargement last nite. Some sources say its impossible others say its very possible. As I have had some gains doing the newbie mission I know that penis enlargement creates gains. But my question is this: what ELSE does penis enlargement create? What are some of the possibly long term effects of this. Perhaps since this is such a new idea we do not know yet what could happen as the years pass by. Could it be potentially dangerous down the rode? May it mess with chemicals in our brains and create problems with the brain? All of these questions I thougtht of after visiting a site hosted by a doctor with a phd.

Has anyone else thought of this? I’m kind of scared now to continue PE even thought I’m getting gains because I do not want problems down the road. What do you guys think about this?

It wasn’t Dr Lin by any chance was it?

Originally Posted by Slib
Could it be potentially dangerous down the rode? May it mess with chemicals in our brains and create problems with the brain?

It won’t be a problem if you practice your ching chong ding dong breathing and pay me $89.95 for sugar pills with special electrolytes inside. I have many degrees.

Look at the member pic section to see if it works or not. It does, and if you overdo any exercises then the mystical power of resting 9.9/10x cures it. I haven’t heard anyone have problems here later on down the road. Only healthy effects.

Penis enlargement has been around for thousands of years!! (Hanging was the original method I believe, and jelqing has been around for ages too) it works, and as for side effects.better penis health! It’s a win win situation I think.

And it is good for your mind as well. That’s my opinion.

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Just like any body changing exercise you have dangers if not careful. If you go to the gym for the first time load up 400 pounds on the squat rack and get your 98 pound body under it and guess what happens. Long term PE so far so good for me after 6.5 years I can’t say for 10 or 15 years but I have feeling doing PE is a lot better than not as far as penis health.

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Yes it WAS Dr. Lin. I read Wrestla’s thread on exposing Dr. Lin and it makes sense. Plus now that I think about it Dr. Lin’s site did NOT look proffesional at all. Unfortunately I did indeed take a break from PE because of the nonsense on Dr. Lin’s site. I haven’t really lost any noticable gains so I’m fortuntate for that.

I do have another concern however. I am 18 years old and I’m wondering if perhaps my penis has some natural growth still left in it. I wonder about this because up until the age of 16 years old my penis was only like 4 inches or so. Then it started growing a little bit up to 5 inches. I now have a 5.5 inch penis and the extra .5 inch are gains from doing the newbie mission, or so i think. What if, my “gains” were actually just natural penis growth. What if I still have some growth left, would PE’ing stop my penis from growing some more naturally? Obviously I can enlarge in through PE but it would be nice if I was for sure that I had my maximum penis growth. To make a long story short. When does the penis stop growing. And will PE mess with natural penis growth?

Don’t take my word for it Slib, but somewhere I remember reading that after you get to about 18-20 you have reached your max penis size because of all the testosterone that is being produced. Hence the ability to lift weights and gain muscle twice as much, twice as fast and gain and heal twice as fast. Once you get past that you can go down, but hardly noticable. Mostly due to the fact that errections aren’t as easy to get.

Even if what you are saying is true, and I’m going with the idea that PE does not in any way mess with your health in any bad way, here is a question you should ask yourself? Why bother trying to make it larger and more healthy if you rely on it growing on its own? Hell all you are doing is speeding up the natural process, unless you are only pumping, gains you get from PE are fairly solid. If anything, say you still got some natural growth in you, your natural growth can only contribute more to the growth in which you will get from PE’ing yourself. Sounds too me like you’re worrying too much mate. Go with it, you’ve gotten gains a lot of people would only be happy to recieve no matter what age. Push the gains further to “test” whether its PE or puberTY.

Starting-March 15, 2007: BPEL:5.2''| NBPEL: 4.5'' | EG:5''

Today-May 17, 2007 BPEL:7.19' | NBPEL: 6.7" | EG: 5.55"

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so are you saying that if I continue gain results with PE AND happen to have some natural growth left then I would get BOTH of those gains? In other words the PE won’t cancel out my potential natural gains since I’m still only 18 and I feel I’m still developing through puberty. I mean I was reading online and one source said that if too much stress is applied to the penis, or there is too much mental stress then the penis would not grow out to its maximum natural potential. Any other thoughts guys?

I was certainly full grown by the time I reached 18 (sadly). As for your question, we simply don’t have any data on the effects of PE on young people. This is one of many reasons we do not recommend PE to people under 18.

I suppose you are taking on some risk by starting PE while you may still be experiencing natural growth. Perhaps some effect of PE could interfere with natural growth. But my intuition tells me that PE won’t hurt you, and that it may actually amplify any natural growth that might occur going forward. But I don’t know that for a fact.

Most guys who do PE gain something. Therefore, you can expect to gain something. If you are truly concerned, then my advice would be to keep your exercises moderate. Avoid hanging and clamping. Stick with the newbie routine or something slightly more intense. Focus on penis heath rather than beating the hell out of your unit in hopes of rapid growth. Go easy. Increase intensity slowly.

Or take a year off from PE and measure again. If you haven’t seen any natural growth, you’ll have the answer you need.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Hm…yes most people thinking that PE will not affect natural growth but still express some concern. I have a rather tough decision to make. I mean I’m not satisfied with my 5.5 inch penis. I would be satisfied with a 6.0 inch penis but I would LIKE a 7.0 inch penis. The thing is that I’m going to college next year and if anyone remembers there college days…well lets just say Ill be using my unit quite often :) If I start a PE routine RIGHT NOW then I can almost guarantee I will have 6.0 right in time for my freshman year of college. That would be supurb. Then again I could ruin natural growth…such a tough decision.

The key slib is not to overstress your penis. This is light weight excercising. Think of PE in this metaphor. LIfting or running are both good, but for this instance i’ll use cardio. The newbie routine is like walking. You’re slowly getting in shape and its good for you. Your not harming, say your knee joints, like you would when you start out running. You’re getting a good foundation to build off of. Keep up the newbie routine for a while and eventually you can start jogging (increased newbie routine), running (more strenous routines) and eventually end up where you can sprint for long distances (hanging?). Either way, you walk every day, what is a little bit of excercise for you penis going to hurt?

Starting-March 15, 2007: BPEL:5.2''| NBPEL: 4.5'' | EG:5''

Today-May 17, 2007 BPEL:7.19' | NBPEL: 6.7" | EG: 5.55"

My dick is on steroids!Progress Report w/pic Overtraining is worse than undertraining...

I think my penis stopped growing when I was like 14 and it didn’t grow at all. I have no idea why was that the case. Anyways, I’m 23 years old now and I’ve started newbie routine exactly a month ago and I’ve seen some minor gains. I was however sure that my penis didn’t grow naturally before I started PEing. Your question is a very good one, but I personally don’t think PE will do any harm to your penis. I’ve read some book that it’s been done in ancient Japan and as we know Japanese are still around ;) . Just don’t overdo you routines and you will be fine. But to make 100% some more knowledgeable member’s opinion would be better.

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The only harm that could come from this is if you decide to do yourself harm.

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