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Concern about numbness

Concern about numbness

I’m not new to PE but I had a question. Is it normal if your penis becomes numb during a jelqing session?

I never had this problem before but it just happened to me right now. The change was that I added a little pressure to the strokes but I guess it might have been too much. This is also the first time that I get some red dots all over my shaft. Did this happen because of the pressure? When will the numbness go away?

Even though I don’t own a penis, I think I can safely answer your question. NO it is not normal for your dick to become numb during jelqing sessions. You are applying WAY to much pressure, lighten up please. Red dots/spots are common, probably not due to extreme pressure.

You are probably correct in the assumption that you applied to much pressure during your session. Numbness is bad ok?

What erection level are you jelqing with? Too firm and you can compress the nerves which might cause the numbness. Try to stay at 70% or less.

The red dots should go away after a day or two in rest. Numbness means not enough blood filling your penis. Loosen the pressure.

Don’t put pressure on top of your dick.


I posted recently about my experience with numbness and dots about 2 weeks ago. I’ve been PEing about 2 months now. I got a bit overzealous with jelq time (20 min) and pressure and ended up with numbness for about 3 days (it gradually decreased over that period). Following a 1 week lay off, I’m now jelqing (overhand grip) for 15 min, lighter pressure and ending about 2/3 way down the shaft (toward the glans). I’ve not had numbness or dots since. I should add that I’m following the rest of the newbie routine as well (I.e. Warm up/down, stretching).

Thank you all for the replies. Thankfully the numbness has gone away and next time I won’t put so much pressure.

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