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comprehensive thread on discoloration

comprehensive thread on discoloration

Is there a comprehensive thread on color changes on your dick? What it is, if it is a positive or negative PI, are there shades and degrees, etc.

I have what I was calling discoloration, but after checking out some of the photos it seems like I’ve been using the wrong terminology. It looks like discoloration is more like a line of dark skin. In some of the photos a circle. Mine just looks like my dick got a suntan without me. That seems to be what some of the members refer to as bronzing. Any thoughts on the subject.

Yeah I have the same thing! I am pale as fuck from the summer of WoW but my dick is still as tan as I used to be. Never thought of it as a condition, though.

Bronzing, discolouration etc. are all interchangeable. If the ‘colour’ did not exist before doing PE then it is ‘discolouration’.

It doesn’t matter if it is in a circle (often around the circ. scar, where tissue fluid exchange is less) or covering the whole or part of the penis - that is more down to the way the exercises were done, amount they were done, and any number of other variations.

There are many threads, mostly older ones from when PE was more ‘hardcore’ and damaging than it is these days. I don’t recall a comprehensive thread on colour changes, but there is the ‘Shedding the snake’ thread on getting rid of serious colouring. An advanced search for discolouration would doubtless turn up plenty of useful old stuff. Or you could just be lazy and click the ‘Similar Threads’ at the bottom of the page and then look at the similar threads they bring up etc. ;)

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