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Completely new to this

Completely new to this

I’m very new at this and I’m hoping to get some ideas where to start and the best exercises to get started with.. I have been doing warm ups and wet jelqing for about two weeks and I feel like I’m not getting the best workout I could get.. Please help

Mweezy82 welcome you have to follow newbie routine, you can use search button for find. You Will wind many threads and videos

Good gains

Begining At 11.05.09: El 6.0" Eg 4.92"

Short Term Goal : El 6.5" Eg 5.2"

Long Term Goal : El 7.5" Eg 6.0"

Your PE101 syllabus. START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Info

By all means read anything and everything. A huge part of success in PE for some guys is simply becoming invested in the forums, posting in non PE threads, etc.. But for “how to” links and tutorials the above link list is where to invest your time.

PE does work but it takes much time and dedication.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Very helpful thanks gentlemen

Thanks alivegeta, I have a bigger understanding of what I should be doing now.. Very helpful info everywhere.

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