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Common household lubes for jelqing

Common household lubes for jelqing

I was trying to figure out what kind of substance I can use to aid my jelqing. I was reading that some members we’re advising against Vasaline so I was curious what other common household oils can one use?

Vaselin is good and it’s cheap. Vaselin is bad as a pumping lube. Baby oil should be good. Don’t use any non-water or non petroleum soluble lubes in the shower.

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Olive oil

Makes you the gadfather


Cocoa butter lotion. It’s cheap, comes in big bottles and works great. Usually one “dose” will easily do a 10 to 15 minute session, occasionally I’ll have to re apply. I just bought a bottle tonight at Wal-Mart and it was $1.90 for a quart (32 oz). I still had about a 1/4 of my first bottle left, but we we’re there so I got some. A bottle will usually last a couple of months.

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I would say baby oil. I’ve also used olive oil and hand lotion. Between the three baby oil was the best.

I use baby oil and vaseline.

The best household lube is something you can find in a bathroom cabinet of a household that doesn’t clog up pores, while reducing rashes from skin abrasion. You would appreciate something not clogging up pores when you experience a MRSA(staph infection).


Olive oil and baby oil work great, but they are both pretty smelly. My wife would wonder why I always smell like a salad or a baby’s butt. Other household cooking oils like canola, soybean, corn, safflower or, my favorite cooking oil, grapeseed, have very little scent, so if smell is an issue you might try one of those.

Baby oil is apparently just mineral oil with some scent thrown in. You can get mineral oil at any drug store.

If you’re in LA, you can get my favorite: Trader Joe’s Vitamin E Oil. $3.99. It has soy oil, coconut oil and 24,000 IUs of vitamin E per bottle. I think it’s the perfect viscosity for jelqing and whacking off.

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