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coming back to p.e, a grip question

Coming back to PE: a grip question

Hello everyone, I’ve been a member of thunder’s place for awhile now and been PEing for even longer. I recently took a hiatus from my efforts. I have been PEing now for roughly 4 years on and off, and truthfully I have never been consistent because of a demanding schedule due in part to being full-time student, working part time, and having a girlfriend kept my routine very sporadic. I decided to quit and come back once I had a routine schedule and could make room specifically for these exercises. Well, everything is in place my girlfriend now also has a schedule that will give me some private time to handle some business.

I just re-started my p.e routine which purely focuses on girth and through all of this time I have never mastered a pure OK grip for a jelqing technique. Currently I’m doing dry jelqs and I’ve tried both overhand and underhand OK grips, but whenever I jelq towards the glans I just feel alot of blood leaving my penis back into my body making an erection subside. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Sometimes I can keep the blood from leaving, but it takes quite alot of force and only holds for a couple of strokes before it goes down to 40-50% hardness. I don’t necessarily want to strangle my penis every jelq stroke that’s for sure. It has been haunting me since I started and any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

The hand that is waiting to jelq is a kind of clamp when I do it. So I don’t stretch the skin around the pubic bone (fat pad). Just before the hand finishes, I loosen the grip and kegel some more blood in. And repeat. If you need more clarification I’ll write it up, right now I have to leave.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

Thank you for replying to my thread Thatcat. If you do not mind explaining your method in detail when you come back, it will be greatly appreciated.

I like a light constant pull from below the gland with one hand and a good upside down grip from the base and jelq up very slowly about and inch or two, then hold for a couple minutes then re-do. The feeling of head growing like a billiard ball is great. Jelqing at about 75 to 95 percent erection. Below that and I start seeing turkey necks.

sly1ne, just a question: do you find that it matters which hand you use? I sort of do the clamping-with-the-nonjelqing-hand thing that Thatcat does, but find that when I clamp with the right hand and jelq with the left, I experience the same problem as you. I’m righthanded, and just can’t seem to get a tight enough grip that holds all the blood in when I use the left hand. So I end up doing most of the jelqing with my right hand and only occasionally using the left. I hope doing so doesn’t lead to an asymmetrical unit.

I have not personally had this problem. You might want to try getting a somewhat stronger erection before you begin. My erection level typically goes up and down during a jelq session. When I feel the noodle getting too limp, I massage myself up to a stronger erection and continue. Once my erection strength reaches a certain point, no amount of jelqing will cause it to diminish; it simply goes down gradually over time.

Other ideas: strart your jelq stroke very low at the base. I reach as far down as I possibly can. This will help to trap more blood and push it forward. Also try kegeling during your jelq stroke. This will force blood into your penis and enhance the effect.

I recommend an overhand grip. Not only is this more natural (IMO), but it also tends to block your dorsal vein, which might help prevent venous leakage.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

If blood is rushing back out of your penis, why not try tightening your grip a bit more ? I love doing dry jelqs and I tighten my fingers around my penis like a kung-fu grip.

First of all, thank you everyone for replying to this thread. Just by looking at my join date compared to my post count, you can see I never really utilized the full support and potential of this board, what a difference it makes. All of the advice posted above I applied to my workout and was able to have the best workout in years, literally. What worked for me was getting a harder erection, then gripping tighter, and finally applying a kegel into each stroke. It was hard getting the rhythm down at first but once everything worked out, it was satisfying. I need a little more practice though, hopefully to the point it will be automatic and I won’t have to think about it as much. I also changed the way I apply my OK grip.

I now apply my standard OK grip vertically instead of horizontally so that I can apply more pressure to the sides of my penis where the Corpus Cavernosa are while holding down the dorsal vein and the Corpus Cavernosum Urethra. Since I had the same problem as you Swinteck with my right hand being more effective towards jelqing, switching to a vertical grip has helped my left hand out more with being able to give a good stroke. I have not yet tried an overhand grip yet, so starting tomorrow I’ll see if I can get that to be more successful as well. Thanks everyone!

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