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Combining ADS + Hanging


Originally Posted by UpTo7
Wow, that’s completely new (to me, at least). Very interesting information.

Same here. Always thought monkeys are like us regarding the absence of a penis bone.

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Originally Posted by 2DreamBig
There are no negative effects and no positive effects, PE is about developing disciplined practices that promote growth. If you were developing your biceps and you did three or four sets of curls, would you then continue your day with weighted gloves to enhance your biceps.? You could.. Would it help?it could, does it make sense, would you find it in men’s fitness?probably not.

Actually, when you’re working out for growth you need to damage the muscle cells, then they need time to heal, if you prevent healing you won’t grow

So it could actually slow gains and if you work a muscle group too long it will be harder to grow, I suppose the same thing is true for pe

UpTo7: I use only light weight from 3-5 lbs. I am not sure if I am talking right words. I dont get always blistering but pain and discolration. Like after session there can be 2-4 colors in my glans. New color from last session and colors from other sessions (healing wounds). I try to use a little less force with ADS (execpt today my unit accecpted just fine to my recently added 1cm rods which has been difficult before :) ).

I hang when I sit on computer (straight down) and also when lying on sofa watching TV (this is also pretty straight down, using a chair where trough (fishing line) goes and makes 90 degree angle. Somehow I feel that strech with that 90 angle is not so strong. Does this angle take so force? NOt so good in physics but I think that this potential energy in weights shouldn´t dissapear (at least not meaninfull amounts) in that angle.

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