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Color change

Color change

Hello guys…

I really did search for the answer to my question 1st….

I’ve been jelqing now for about a month - … maybe it’s a bit different routine (I don’t think anyone’s is the same?)….

But what I’ve noticed recently - that my glans - really turns a dark red/purple/blue… - it returns to a normal pink in a minute or so after jelqing/ulis…

I don’t have any measurements - but it sure looks larger when I get up in the morning (flaccid) … maybe a little thicker?

I was having problems getting too erect during jelqs - I stopped watching videos and that problem is gone :)

I do mine in the shower - and have been steadily increasing the # of strokes and varying the speed…. and direction/hand grip…

I guess the question is - about the glans - is that color change (and it seems the texture gets a little rougher too) - normal…

Thanks guys….

(hopin to grow 1-3 “)

Hey SLK,

The dark color is perfectly normal - during exercise the head becomes engorged and unoxigenated blood stays there longer than ususal, thats why it becomes purplish. Color goes back to normal when you stop so there’s nothing to worry about.

Just to be on the safe side, make sure you don’t hold the pressure too hard and too long - cutting the blood supply completely for more than 30 sec at a time is dangerous imo. Look out for any discomfort, pain, numbmess or cold sensation in the glans.

Seems you’re starting to gain girth and flaccid lenght. Congrat’s!
Make sure to write down your initial mesurements now, before you become Huge! :)

ù ì å í


Thanks for the reply…

my measurements as of 2/5
FL 4”
FG 3 3/4”

EG 5 3/8”

hmmm… now where did I record that lenght?

it was about 5.5 ” EL

I don’t hold it that long (maybe 5 seconds)….

Thanks again


must be doin it right


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