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Hey guys,
I move into the dorms tommrow. Anyone suggest when to do PE and where? Thanks.


also does anyone do them in college now?

Oh man, doing PE in a dorm situation can be really tough. I’m gonna be a Junior this year and living in an apartment so it will be easier for me. Freshman and Sophomore year, I couldn’t be consistent with a routine due to time and privacy issues and basically only pe’d during the summer. Those two years, I lived in a triple though, so it was especially hard. If you’re living in a double, things will be much easier. Basically just try to find a time when your roommate is at class and use that time for pe. You’ll be able to pick up on his schedule after a couple weeks. It was tough for me because whenever my roommates were at class and I finally had some pe time, my girlfriend would come over! Not that I’m complaining.


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