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thanks YGuy, a truly inspiring post!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Y-Guy, that was so cool to read. I wish I has a printer hooked up so I could print it out. Thanks for helping me remember how cool pe is!

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

wow that was a good read

Damn I just realised that I haven’t replied to this yet. Thought i’d forgotten? Well you dont get out it that easy!

Reading about people that started really small makes me glad that I started average, or slightly above at 6.5nbp (7bp) x 5, but as some smart people say average doesnt cut it. I instinctively knew that I was average, I knew I wasnt small but as has been said before, I passed up a lot of chances with girls because of the size issue, and still do i’m afraid.

I was playing tennis with a football (dont ask) years ago when someone told me about this sex program type thing on TV, where often lots of female flesh got shown on it, among other things so I decided to watch it. For the life of me I cant remember what it was called, I dont think it was Eurotrash but it might have been. Something along those lines anyway. So I watched this program late night in my room, and turned the volume almost right down so noone would hear it (damn TV didnt have a headphones socket), and in the program penis enlargement was mentioned, specifically hanging. There was this guy from the waist down, with a censored thing over his dick, and a string hanging down with some weights on it. The guy said “….And I can tell you that this is not very comfortable!”. But good old me decided to do it anyway, and I wrapped my dick in toilet roll, tied a string to it and tied the other end to a 1.1kg weight whenever I worked out. Needless to say it did nothing.

Then the internet came to my attention, in late 99. The second thing I searched for was penis enlargement (the first was orgazmo, a film I was watching at the time). I remember being paranoid about searching for that in case some people would hack into my computer and laugh at me! The search led me to a PE forum, altpenis I think, I cant remember the name. There, some guy posted the full program of a PE paysite. I laughed and copied it to my PC (in a hidden folder deep in the windows folder lol). It was jelqing and manual stretching. I was jelqing flaccid, and it did nothing of course. But on the forum a link to the good old appeared mid 2000, and I went there and found cool people like bib, size, phat8, dance, still, chikkas, JAPP, and the rest of the gang who I cant be bothered to type all their names but are no less important. In fact I remember seeing so many posts by a guy called ‘wantmore’ that I thought that it was a defaut name for people that had not registered their own username (seriously). That wasnt true was it? ;)

I read up there and started jelqing properly, and hanging too. I decided hanging was the right way to go, and built a hanger based on the homemade bib. So I hung, increased the weight repeatedly, and got no gains. I tried different angles, and got no gains. I tried chikkas’ shock routine, and got no gains. I tried jelqing alone, and got no gains. Obviously I was getting rather pissed off at this, and like another cool guy, I made PE my number 1 priority, putting it before everything else! It still is actually. I copied hundreds of posts from the ezboard forum, especially bib’s, and the famous phat/dance conversations (I recommend this). Because I liked hanging, I could sit at the PC and read these posts if I was offline, or look at new ones on the internet if I was on (as well as porn and other stuff of course). Because of this time at the PC I became almost undefeatable at Quake, but that is another story.

But I still got no gains!!! So I switched back to the beginning and started fresh, with just a jelqing/uli/manual stretch workout, and I used supplements to try and increase blood flow during jelqing (A waste of time as it turned out). And at this time which was probably early 2001 I got a girlfriend for the first time in my life. I was still insecure, and she had to practically wrestle with me to get my pants off the first time. I talked to her about it sometimes, never saying outright that I was insecure but I think she guessed. She said I was average. Also, I was horrified to discover that she had told several of her friends about my size. Of course I expected it but I still didnt like it. Women talk. One day, we were out, me, her and two of her friends that I didnt know up until then. We went to pick them up and they seemed friendly, but after a few drinks things got a bit nasty, there were way too many penis jokes coming up in conversation (too many for coincidence). They knew I knew this, and I knew they knew that I knew they knew.
(Some of you might remember me ranting and whining about this girl on the other board)

So I decided to make PE my no 1 priority!! Oh, wait, it already is, bummer.

Around the time I finally broke up with her, thundersplace got going, and I decided not to register, I thought it was just another guy trying to get a PE site so he can make money off it (I didnt know thunder was seeker9, god knows how I missed that one). Actually, I hear thunder lives on a beach and has bikini clad women do his PE for him, so this may be true. But when I saw the rest of the bunch there I followed along, happy sheep that I am.

Then I got a bibhanger, which was really the most important part of my story, because with out the bib and bib’s advice I would not have been able to hang enough to gain. He is the coolest. After a lot of talking about clocks(dont ask), I did hanging routines plus ADS, using traction wraps and bungee cords and theraband later. I managed to increase the weight to over 30 pounds at BTC, and I bet most of 2002 was spent either working or sat at home with a bibhanger or ADS strap attached. I had all kinds of problems with skin, head pain, wrapping etc. I had to adapt and change a lot to keep in comfort.

Despite all this, I got no gains!!!! Arrrghhh!

Then, in Feb 2003 it finally happened, I got a 1/4 inch gain!!!! I was happy.

Then the next day it was gone! AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!

I carried on doing what I was doing, and ordered some viagra to truly test, as I had (and had for a long while, I just forgot to mention), ED, which was OK at times and at others I couldnt get it up at all. I thought that with a viagra erection I could tell for sure, as I thought I was going mad. So it arrived in the post and I got good wood with the help of avril lavigne pics ;) , and I looked at it. It looked just the same size, and my heart sank. But I measured anyway, just to be sure. My eyes nearly popped out of my head.

Seven-point-five!!! 7.5!!!!
(the actual measurement was more like 7.4, but after 3 years and 4 months of gainless PE, I hope you dont mind if I round up)

I had actually gained more in the time between losing the gain and measuring again (which was roughly a month I think). Good Job!

Thats the SS4 story.

Here are some morals:

1. Discolouration - I have MAJOR bad discolouration on my foreskin. To the point where I could not show my dick to a girl without her thinking I am a freak. Keep an eye out!!! Some discolouration is expected, but dont let it build up, use wrapping techniques to stay on top of it.

2. Adaptation - You will have to realise that some things will not work for you. Manual moves may not. They did not for me. If something is not working after a few months, dont be afraid to shake things up.

3. Positive thinking - My gains came in a time when I really felt deep down that I was hitting the limiting factors as hard as I could. Did this play a part in the gains? Who knows, but it does not hurt to think positive so you have nothing to lose.

4. Knowldege - The most important thing. A hanger will not get you gains, knowledge will. Read over and over, even if you think you know it all.

5. Persistance - PE takes a long time for some, and a short time for others. I am convinced that everyone can gain if the persist.

6. Help other people - If you learn a lot about PE in your time on the forums, it is not just a good idea to pass your knowledge on to newbies, it is your responsibility. Karma makes the world go around!

7. Send me cash - PM me your credit card number and expiry date.


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thanks SS4, you are the PE posterboy for #5

>>5. Persistance - PE takes a long time for some, and a short time for others. I am convinced that everyone can gain if the persist.>>

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Well, after 2 years and 3 months of PE, can I be considered a veteran ? If so, let me spend my 2 cents:

1. Read carefully all the suggested routines, the beginners first. Try the advanced only after the first inch of gain. Strict practice is not that important, as long as you use common sense: it’s all a matter of tunica and ligaments workouts. If you feel that tingling feeling you know you are forcing blood along the penis, working the tunica. A mild discomfort at the base ligaments means you are stretching them correctly.
2. Take enough rest between workouts, as one on - one off, though this may vary depending on individuals.
3. Supplements: I prefer Zinc and Arginine. Read about them, but don’t take more than half the suggested amounts: it’s usually enough without altering your values in case you have a blood or urine exam.
4. PE is a matter of YEARS, not months, and it’s easier to make it grow when it’s already big. I know it sounds cruel, but everyone knows nature is cruel after all. So, don’t feel guilty or greedy to go on when you already have 8 or 9 inches, if you have the potential for more… unless you prefer young asian girls !
5. Motivation by self-feedback: very important but can be difficult. Don’t measure up too often, use fixed references as a piece of furniture at the right heigth from floor for length, different paper rolls for thickness, better than tape: it’s more rewarding. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see changes at the mirror: you are seeing it every day, it’s normal. Again, it’s a matter of years, and when after 2 years you’ll find yourself worried not to show too much in your trousers, you’ll know you’ve mad a good job.
6. Motivation by others’feedback: so wonderful and rewarding ! Things like instant orgasms and loud moans from my wife, the usual “is it me getting tighter or you getting bigger ?”, those greedy stares at mid level when i’m in speedos or nude, that make me want to say “hey babe look at my EYES”, or at the nude beach when the girl near me (there will always be some) glimpses at me, gets wet, and makes sure I notice she’s wet…, or at the locker rooms or the showers, where some young men look at my big flaccid and have erections or make comments about how nice my penis looks… Believe me, all these things happen to me, and they make me think I’ve made a good job.
7. Enemy to fight most: Depression. If you fall into depression, PE is just useless, your penis will just stay small and limp. Fight depression first, then go on with PE.
8. But PE would be a waste of time if not for the added confidence with women and with life in general: not bad as motivation !

MK9 (nickname should be MK10 now I’m close to 9.5”. I’m just too lazy..)

A lot of good tips MK9, thanks!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I thought it was about damn time for me to upload my PE historical data file #01 here… So, here it is in breif format, if that is possible for me:

When I was about 14 or so (can’t remember exactly how old, but early high-school) there was a show on TV over here called “Sex/Life”. Because I was a horny teenager, I watched it in secrecy almost religiously, getting off on the small amount of nudity shown ;)

Anyways, one episode they had an article about penis size. They interviewed some fat fucker who was a member of a club that only accepted members (pun) if they were packing 8” or more. He had had the surgery just to get into the club. I remember thinking “what a fat fucking bastard” and not much else…

They then went on to say that the average length was 7” or something (looking back now, this show was so fucking ill-informed and crap that if I saw it today I would put a brick through my TV)

Out of curiosity, I measured against a block of wood, marked it off, and it was something like 7”. I was pissed off. At this young age I was convinced I was an adult and fully developed and why the fuck was I cheated with such an average tool when I was tall and good looking and intelligent?? :P

A few years passed, in senior high school my friend got his first girlfriend, must have been about 4-5 years ago now. They were both virgins, but started fooling around shortly after getting together.

Now, this friend of mine knew nothing about everything. So, even though I had no “hands-on” experience, he came to me asking questions, as I am somewhat a self-proclaimed guru in almost every area :D Well, I aced “PE” in school (sexual edu-tainment)

He was over my place, and we were sitting on the internet, and I looked up a bunch of sites for him. In the course of educating him on anatomy, technique, etc, we stumbled across more than our fair share of the corny penis enlargement ads. He asked me two questions: How big I was, and if I thought PE was a scam. After a bit of convincing that the conversation would not leave the room I told him I was about 8” (If I remember correctly, I kept tabs on my growth sporadically)

He was amazed at my size, since he was only about 6”. It did not make me feel better to know that I was bigger than him. I was not satisfied, even with having the “classic” 8 incher. I thought of myself as special and deserving to break world records etc. LoL! I was an arrogant prick, and some may say still am to this day! :) (be careful before saying this though. :) )

So from this point onwards I was pretty much obsessed with my penis, especially it’s size. I spent countless hours researching average sizes and ultimately trying out some PE (I got access to some shit old site from a hacked password - naughty L33T H4X0r that I am! LoL!) Looking back now, it was pretty sad of me to become so damned obsessed.

I tried out manual stretching and jelqing kind of half-heartedly, not really thinking it could work, but kind of wanting it to at the same time. At that time in my life, with zero experience with girls, wtf did it really matter anyways?? I was doing it just to be able to say I was absolutely fucking huge, you know, at parties and such, heh.

I kept updating my friend over the next couple of years, it went 20cm, 21cm, 21.5cm.22cm, 22.4cm. That final measurement is where I am today and have been for quite a while. It’s approximately 9.75” FSL. Easily over 9” with an erection, even without trying to straighten the pretty gnarly downwards curve. I am fairly happy with it, but I would love to just be able to say I have an even NBP 10”. That would rule. ;)

When people ask me nowadays I generally say 10” because shit, if I really wanted to dedicate myself to stretching again, I would be there in a few weeks, since I seem to gain length without even goddamn trying. It’s a double edged sword - I trade in girth for this fact. I have never been able to gain much girth. I am approaching 6” around now, but god I wish I was 7” right now…

I got gains (in length) fairly consistently without having to do much. Now that I am pretty much on a long lasting plateua, those early gains seem like such a sweet dream :( I truly wish I had totally dedicated myself early on, it would probably mean much less work now :(

I learned more, I experienced more - I got older and wiser. Recently (about 1.5 years ago) I got my first girlfriend, and my first sexual experiences.

Alot has happened to me in the last 2 years. Sexually as well as developments in my life in general. Moving house, leaving school, getting a car, going on the further education, getting a job, getting a girlfriend, etc. Each one of these was a major change. And condensed into a short time these changes make a huge impact in all areas.

During this time, I have come to discover that, basically, girth is king. That’s where it’s at. I never once thought of it in the past. I didn’t even notice girth, like it didn’t exist. Looking back, I truly wish I would have realised this much, much earlier on. I always thought that being 9 or 10 inches would be like wow, fuck-tastic, to any girl, and they would be entirely fulfilled and have multiple orgasms from plain and simple insertion… but that is not the case when the girth is not there - it simply is out of proportion and useless.

So now I am on a long-term quest for girth. Ultimately I’d like to be 8 or 9” around. That is in the long term, and that is customised for my (constantly adapting, hopefully) partner. Whether this will ever happen from natural PE remains to be seen. But even if I need to break out the pump every single day to obtain and maintain this size, I will do it. Why? Quite simply for the pleasure of both myself and my significant other.

From my research, porn, experiences in real life, as well as comments made on this board and elsewhere, I have come to the conclusion that while you can have too much length for a girl, you can basically never have too much girth…

I am quite happy with my length. It wouldn’t make much difference to me if it never increased. it is pretty much long enough. I am far above average at least…

But I will say one thing - I would tade 2” of length for 2” of girth ANY DAY… In fact, I believe this would make my dick almost totally *perfect* dimensions - just under 8” by just under 8” :D talk about a beer can! :)

I believe the ultimate dimensions for any girl (provided she is not ultra-tight or RWG style “cow-loose” :) ) is approximately 8x7. More length can do more harm than good, but I believe that almost every girl could take 7” girth without discomfort.

In conclusion (and I know this has become very gotdamn long):

* Start early in life. Don’t go through life feeling inadequate as so many here have had to suffer. I was lucky in this respect, and grateful too.

* Dedicate yourself completely. Like YGuy, make PE your #1 priority, and you will see impressive gains consistently and early.

* Don’t get discouraged by lack of gains or your percieved inadequacy. Just concentrate on PE and imagine the new you!

* Don’t take it too hard! There is only one thing than a small dick, and that is a small dick that is BROKEN. (fortunately I have never totally fucked my dick up to the point that it was completely disfunctional. Sure it is badly coloured, but still works! lol)

* ECHO of all points made above!!!

* Keep your head screwed on - try not to be a nut like so many here (including myself)

Thanks secjay!!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

After reading this im getting excited about pe,I thought I would have to live with a tiny dick all my life now theres at least hope.


As someone who is about as ‘newbie’ as you can possibly get – just discovered this site two weeks ago and began regularly hand jelqing, plus figuring out whether pumping or Power Jelq device works better for me — I’ve got to say to you veterans that these posts have been absolutely inspiring. Particularly appreciate YGuy and others who aren’t starting with 8+” already :-)

Thanks again to everyone whose posted — you guys inform, and inspire!

RisingUpTo7 suggested I post my thread on “Insecurities of a small penis” in this thread…so here it is:

I have been doing PE for about 7 months now and love the changes that have occurred (veins and all). I do not miss my infantile penis and remember all the insecurities that went along with it. I can now say PE is for real, but I had my doubts at first.

My starting size was 5.75 BPEL x 4.5 EG, but what I hated the most was when my dick was flaccid. It would sometimes shrink to look like an acorn. I have gained over an inch in length and 1/2 inch in girth. The best thing is I no longer am ashamed when I am flaccid. I have put on at least 2 inches on average in that department.

Here are some of the fears that were associated with my former dick. I would like to see what others went through.

-hated peeing in public.
-put on underwear after sex because the shrinkage was embarrassing.
-didn’t want a women to touch me when I was flaccid
-hated skinny dipping (would make sure I had some excitement first)
-hated having to see a doctor if clothes were to be taken off
-feared death because I felt they all would laugh in the morgue (ha ha)
-of course, public showering was out.
-hated to hear talk about “size matters”
-the list go on but I will stop here

All this has changed now, but I will not be completely satisfied until I reach the classic goal of 8X6. One thing is I have a lot more confidence with my self now and I laugh at some of my old fears.

Finally, I really appreciate Thunder’s Place for all the good advice and support.


To see the whole thread see:

Insecurities of a small penis

Thanks for saying what you did. A lot of your items were on my list, too, pre-PE. Getting bigger sure takes a lot of that worry away.



Very Good Info luv

New to this and I am excited to start. Currently a 5.5” by 5 and have always felt kinda short especially in the locker room. I work out daily and sometimes skip showers because I don’t feel that I measure up.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share and I will be hitting it hard to see some gain.

I really enjoyed your story luvdadus! I’m forty years old and was wondering if I should even worry about my penis anymore.I mean I’m past all the bar-hopping chick bagging stuff anyway.although I must admit that the size of my penis,particularly flaccid,has caused considerable anxiety throughout my a recently divorced man,I’ve not really thought much about sex lately,preferring to indulge in “self” if that makes sense.your story has given me the initiative I need to carry on with my PE, and the next Mrs enough is gonna be in for the ride of her life!


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