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15 months ago, I was very insecure of my penis size. I had been all my life. I figured it was something I would have to live with, then one day while searching the internet for an unrelated subject I saw and ad for penis enlargement and my world changed forever.

Since that day, I have gained 3.5” in erect length and 1.5 inches in erect girth. I’m still gaining. I’ve gone from occaisonally pleasing my wife to giving her multiple orgasms almost every time we have sex. My confidence level has skyrocketed, simply by getting rid of the continually nagging I have a small penis thoughts. The ruler tells me I am now in the very upper percentile of penis size, and there’s a smile on my face. Rather than share a day to day blow by blow account of what I specifically did, I’d rather discuss some points I discovered which I believe have been the basis for my success.

Believe- This is so important. I wake up every day knowing I have another chance to make my dick bigger. It’s a continual exciting feeling that never fades. Each day is like Christmas.

Visualize- Put your mind’s eye to work for you. I continually visualize what I want my prick to look like, to grow to be. It’s on it’s way. Visualization is very powerful and leads to a positive thought process.

Persevere- While this stuff definitely works, it takes time. If you grow just a millimeter a day, you will have gained over an inch in one month. Obviously, after initial gains this is a very dramatic gain and not likely to happen. This is not a sprint, it is a marathon. So what if it takes months or even years to reach your goal. You will reach your goal, so don’t measure every day, you will be setting yourself up for negativity. I never measure more than once a month.

Concentrate- Do not waste your workout time simply going through the motions. Put your full concentration and effort into each and every stroke, stretch and squeeze. Make sure you are getting the absolute most out of your pe time. Don’t fall into the trap of just going through the motions.

Adapt- I have found that my penis quickly get’s use to new stresses and routines. Don’t fall into a rut, doing the same thing over and over. If you are not feeling well worked after each workout, examine why and change things if necessary. If you have primarily been downward stretching and no longer feel the stretch, try new angles. Variation seems to be the key. Keep your penis guessing. A good definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result.

Bib’s LOT theory- Read this, study this, commit this to memory, make it your own. I am thoroughly convinced that one can work smarter instead of harder and make good gains. Proper application of his theory should allow you to always be concentrating on the areas where you have good potential to gain.

Good Luck :)

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Thanks RB!!

All vets and good gainers welcome to post.
(If you are a vet but not a good gainer don’t think that you are excluded, you learned some stuff everyone can benefit from too!!).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


What you are saying is we vets get to rant on for as long as we wish about ourselves?
Hehehe, i’ll post the highlights of my story then. Just give me a day or two to dig up some information I saved.

That would be great SS4!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

I have not forgot Luv, Still buried in backed up stuff over here.

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To All The Newbies

My PE adventure started 16 months ago. At that time, my penis was 5.5 inches erect length by 4.5 inches erect girth. At the age of 47 years old, I thought that I would try this because it pained me to think that my dick would be small all my life. 16 months later my penis is 8.5 inches erect and 6 inches girth. That’s a gain of 3 inches of length and 1.5 inches of girth. I started out stretching and jelqing. Then I started hanging - up to 4 hours per day. I have put in a lot of PE hours over this time period.

My recommendation to all of you is to try and develop a goal and a PE plan. With all of the information that is available now, attaining higher levels of penis growth is indeed possible. There are two areas to attack in order to grow - the tunica and the ligaments. Stretching and jelqing are among the best ways to stretch the tunica. Hanging is an excellent way to stretch the ligaments. My success came from a split program. I jelqed and stretched in order to condition my penis. Then I hung with weights and the Bib Hanger for close to a year. I achieved great lig gains and then decided to take a different approach to lengthen my tunica. I started stretching again concentrating on A-stretches and dual fulcrum stretches.
I also started doing fulcrum hanging where I used the Bib Starter and draped my penis over a padded stainless steel rod in order to stretch the top of the tunica which I feel is one of my limiting areas. In addition, I started and advanced jelqing routine outlined by Doublelongdaddy. The result of this is continuing growth. I hope to hit 9.5 inches by the end of the year. That will be a total gain of 4 inches in length in 2 years. I think that I can do it.

You can do it to. Create a plan and dedicate sufficient time to do the regimen that you choose. Be dedicated. Don’t waiver. Don’t be afraid to try new techniques, but don’t switch your routines constantly. We are here to help you and to cheer you on.

Good luck.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thanks for the contributions jelk.


Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Sorry about the delay Luv but my computer problems have been pretty intense.

My experience with this whole game went through many stages. I have been on pretty high doses of certain medications that throughout my adult years have slowly made getting a good erection difficult. About 2 years ago I decided I wanted to do something about this. I did a simple google search on the net for this condition and the first link I clicked brought me to the back door of some PE site which I still have no clue to who it was. I printed out the complete info and started to read. I had no interest at the time of increasing the size of my penis nor did I think it even possible I did however have some faith in the exercises geared at increasing erection strength. I decided to do the whole program anyway to see what happens. Now it is very important to understand the claims this guy made and how that affected my own results as I slowly gained faith in the entire program. He claimed a few things that seemed impossible to me at the time. Some being; gain 4” in one year, gain 2” of girth in one year, last longer, the hardest erection ever, among other extraordinary claim. Well about two months into the program, which I followed religiously, I started to notice changes as did Jennifer. The first being stretch marks on the belly of my penis. Quickly following were much harder erections, I was lasting much longer, sex started to feel tighter, I noticed hair growing up the side of my penis, things just started to happen that he said would happen. I was a convert, I BELIEVED!

After my new found confidence and faith in this program I started to add and incorporate. I still had not measured my penis but as I said that was not the original issue of doing these exercises. This program was intense and grueling. I took alot of time and was done daily. By the time I did finally measure I was 8.25” long and 6 months into the program. I started at 6.5” so this only made my confidence in his program that much greater. At this point I stumbled on to the site and started to read and study.

I actually felt discouraged about my gains thinking I should be closing in on at least a 3” gain because I was moving into the last third of my year. According to the original ligature 4” was what was promised and so far everything he promised materialized. This is when I made my first post at I came out saying how depressed I was about my minimal gains and needed some help to get bigger. Well this was not appreciated very much and an all out attack ensued on me. People thought I was full of shit and making all this up. It wasn’t until further inspection that I realized the extent of my original gains. Soon after seeing what normal gains were I could appreciate the forum anger. I really wanted to be accepted by this elite force of PE brethren and I was willing to do what I needed to be accepted. At the time I posted my first pictures I was closing in on 9.5” in length and I think 6” of girth. I new to be accepted as a real person photos would be important. They were just the thing to gain acceptance.

The first people that befriended me were Dino, Buster, DrGmerlin, Luvdadus, Twatteaser, Pamdaga and my long lost friend MisterEd. I was quickly encouraged to get involved in the forum and I slowly did. After reading how good my gains were in comparison to what people usually gained I entered my first plateau. I started to lose faith in the original text and start believing I made all the gains I could. 10” seemed out of the question and I stopped believing. This is when I met Bib (Bigger). When I heard he broke these barriers I quickly regained my faith and redesigned my entire program.

I started looking into all forms of science and how they apply to penis enlargement. I took a particular interest in simple machines and how I could incorporate this knowledge into my own manual exercises. Soon after this developed some of the exercises that I still use today. These exercises were all the result of applied information and belief. Exercises like Counter Stretches, DLD Blasters, A-Stretches, Dual Fulcrums, Ankle Fulcrums, Bundled Stretches, Horseshoes (DLD Bends) and other less known exercises manifested. These exercises put into a semi organized format and my faith in Bib brought me beyond the 10” mark.

During this entire process I was suffering with my own mental disorders and felt so connected to this forum that I decided to start being honest with these issues. I suffer from acute O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and as a result I am agoraphobic. Due to this disorder basic life is very difficult for me to live. I cannot go into public. It takes hours to bathe, I cannot hold any type of job, and normal relationships are a luxury I will probably never see. (Thank God for you guys and my dear Jennifer) My initial fear of rejection was quickly dimmed by the incredible support I received. This led to some of the studies I have worked on. The friends I made in this forum really encouraged me to take control of my problems and start doing something about it. Over the following moths I jumped head first into “Is Everything you See Really what Your Seeing”, The Yakface thread “Self-View”, and my numerous other threads addressing these problems and what to do. I quickly was not only embraced by the people here I was joined in my struggle. I found out that many men suffered from some of the same problems I did. Since that time I have devoted much time to working on these issues and offering help to my brothers in these forums. I saw that when I could help someone I was truly helping myself.

My life since has become somewhat manageable. I spend most of my time here and in the bathroom:) I have more than met my final goals and have gone beyond that. I have also realized that I can do something with life of value. This potential was born out of these forums and the love of my fellow pe’ers. I am truly a product of my environment and my environment is you.

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So DLD, its time to quit pulling on your dick, eh?

Thanks so much for your contribution. I think that many of us suffer from so lesser manifestations of OCD/BDD.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by luvdadus
So DLD, its time to quit pulling on your dick, eh?

Not yet, I still have more I want to do before I retire.

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Penis enlargement DOES work

For most of you guys, this is overstating the obvious, but I didn’t have as strong a belief…and even thought many of the posters here might have been exaggerating their gains. Then I went through my own self-discovery, and that is the only thing that matters in proving something to yourself.

So this is my humble story:

I don’t post much…some because of personal time constraints, but mostly because I just don’t feel like I have much to share compared to the wealth of information I’ve found here.

I’ve been more like a remora clinging parasitically to the sides of some pretty big sharks here, so I guess this is my thanks to these pioneers here (far to many to mention by name…but everyone knows who they are).

To more pertinent information, I started around late July 2001 mostly for penile fitness and health with a hopeful eye toward gains…but I didn’t really expect to see much, thinking that it might just be another Internet scam aimed at our insecurities. My expectations were low.

I guess the largest I ever measured was about 6.9” x maybe 5”. I know that I used to say it was 7 because it was close enough to spit. But I also know that it never really broke that 7 barrier.

Now for all of us in the 6 range, I want to say that I never had anyone comment that I was small. Almost every girl I have been with have all thought I had a large one and most told me so. Most of the comments I got were that it was perfect…anyone ever heard that? <g> But to tell the truth, I always felt it was sincere and that size for the most part was something in my head.

My wife used to tell me it was big when we were first dating. But she got more polite about it over the years. Almost as if I could feel a slight disappointment that it wasn’t quite as good as it had been in the past. A little extra padding in the pubic region along with some ligament tightening due to age (I’m early 40’s) was the culprit and my early exploration into pe seemed to solve some of these problems. My wife first mentioned the flexibility of the ligaments…it didn’t feel as “tight” to here any more…she liked that, but didn’t notice much size increase, or she didn’t express she noticed it. Whatever I was doing for it, was alright for her…she liked it!

And I did notice measurement increases on the tape measure, but when you live with it, it is hard to take notice of day to day changes. It’s so slow.

So it has been over a year and a half…has it been worth it and what are the true results I have noticed? Well, the biggest benefits I have noticed more in the last 6 months. These are mostly changes in my wife and her interest in sex. She has become much more interested in deep penetration and I am continually astounded how wet she has been getting…Much wetter than I’ve ever seen her get. And she really gets into it, trying to fit as much in her as she can. Before she says that she could tell she had a penis in her, but now she feels pressure in a different way. She tells me she can’t believe how huge it feels inside of her and how that effects her. She loves now to sit in front of me and play with it forever. Giving it attention and stroking it as if she is really mesmerized by it.

I can tell she is measuring it with her hands and eyes by the way she grips it and presses it against my stomach to see how high it comes up to my naval. She was obsessed some with penises when she was younger, but didn’t seem to be that overwhelmed in recent years. Now it is like she can’t stop playing with it.

So last night, we were drinking tequila and decided to split a caveerta (generic viagra) that I had just gotten to try out. Now for the first time since I started pe, I really noticed the results…or maybe she made me become more aware of them by watching and listening to her. We were a little high and she got on the floor in front of me and began squeezing and stroking and needless to say, I could feel the effects of the viagra. On a side note, I also noticed that her clit had become longer and thicker and grasping it with my fingers, it really felt like tiny penis. She found it weird, and surprising but mostly it felt pretty good.

But watching her work on me was unbelievable. It didn’t look like my cock in her hands…and then as if she read my mind, she told me that it felt like she was playing with a different cock…or a very large version of mine. She wanted to measure it and when she did, she looked up, smiling in surprise and told me it was nearly 9”. Not believing her or that she was measuring wrong, I held the metal end against my pubic bone and she stretched it out along the shaft and then held my cock up to show me where it crossed the tape at over 8.5”. She measured the girth at 5.6. We couldn’t stop talking about it and my own surprise was probably greater than hers. That is a difference of over 1.5 inches in a year and a half. I still have a hard time believing it, but remembering how small her hands and mouth looked on it last night is thrilling. She was who I wanted to gain for, but I never imagined it would have this big an effect on her.

When I pushed into her, she gasped, and I could feel it opening her up in a way I’d not ever really noticed before. Intercourse these days just feels different…and especially to her. She has always liked penetration, but not like she does now. It is unreal. She told me she had no idea that she would respond to a large cock this way, but it has made a major difference to her. I have to say that I honestly felt a little jealous with her telling me these things while I could see her playing with my cock. It didn’t look like mine in her hands. It was as if I were seeing her getting pleasure from someone much larger than how I see myself. Silly, isn’t it?

She wanted me to come on her and when I did, it was an arginine inspired ejaculation…more tidbits I’ve picked up from you guys on here. Before I came, my cock expanded even further and I could feel how big it was now. I was truly blown away. My wife just kept stroking it and telling me how it was by far the biggest one she’d ever laid eyes on…no comparison. And seeing her true enthusiasm with what she was doing, I believed her. When I came, it literally jetted a spray onto her and then thicker subsequent spurts that soaked her down. She was behaving very sluttish and afterward again admitted to me that the size of my cock was the primary reason she was getting uncontrollable and the recent sex was so incredible because of it. Nothing else has really changed but the size of my cock and her reaction is the direct result of that. She can’t fake getting as wet as she has been getting and wetter and more sexually involved than she has ever been. I could tell that she was embarrassed to admit that it was the size that had done it. There was no pandering to me like she had probably done in the past. She flat out said that it may be different for other women, but for her, a huge cock was important…it just felt different. She also said she had no idea that she felt this way until now.

I did ask her what would be her ultimate or final dimensions that she would like and she said it was almost too much to handle. She finally admitted after a lot of hemming and hawing that another half inch both ways, but no more. That would put me at 9x6. That astounds me. I never thought I would hear my wife admit that she would want a cock that large.

Are we ruining our women out there? This has been a real eye-opener for me in many ways. Never knew that size could matter that much to my wife, but it obviously does. Didn’t think it was possible to add real size to one’s member either, but I obviously have.

If your still with me, and I do apologize for the length, but I wanted to give you details…as thanks to the experienced members who have shared their pioneering visions for the rest of us…and for those newbies or hard gainers that either don’t yet really believe or just have doubts. Penis enlargement does work.

Now for those curious about what I did, I am going to straight up say that I didn’t follow a strong program. For mostly a year it was straight stretching and jelqing. Nothing lasting much over 30 to 45 minutes total. The past 6 months I have experimented with newer techniques…mostly the DLD blaster and squeezes…nothing to radical or to the point of injury…and sometimes barely hitting a 20 min of working out. As I said, time constraints…but the difference is that for the last 6 months, I really believed it was working…even more so now.

So, 10 - 15 minutes of stretching exercises and maybe the same or less of jelqing squeezing. I do focus a lot of attention and employ visualizations techniques similar to what DLD has written about. That is very important as he stated many times.

If you are having stalled gains, may I suggest that you scale back your workout rather than adding more onto it? It has definitely worked for me in weight lifting and now in pe. Less can be more.

Anyway, that’s my story and I really thank all the great people that I’ve learned from and hope that maybe eventually I can be less of a leech and more of a sharer. Good luck to all and have faith and as DLD once said, in all your endeavors, also give a pause of appreciative thanks to whatever higher power you believe in.


Nice post, you observations about your wife is reminescient of this thread:

Frequencey of sex after gains?

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hard Gains???

I’m not here to offer the magic routine or holy grail of PE. I don’t think there is one per say even though we know there are definitely techniques that can work for many.We also know they dont work for all.

Perhaps you are not performing them correctly.
Perhaps you are and they don’t work for you.

“Try this routine” or “Try that routine” can get frustrating after a while if you are not seeing results.

Thats totally understandable.

But before you reach desperation and tie a bungee cord to your penis and jump off a bridge :chuckle:

Have you ever considered trying to develop your own personnel PE routine instead of following the routines of others verbatim.

Yeah, it worked for them but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for any other individual that tries it. Granted the physiology of our bodies are similar to some degree but there is a threshold point at which they react differently to the same stimuli…

That is why I am a strong believer in learning as much as you can about all the different approaches to PE.

But I also realize that in most instances hard gainers had to of gained at least something at some point:

Even small “seemingly insignificant” gains had to be created by some combination of things that you did that led to that gain.Perhaps your body quickly adapted to stress and is resisting change… thus the plateau ….

Some people just gain and it seems as if any routine or method will work for them because…”again”… their threshold/chemistry for change is different.

Some people eat like a horse (desserts by the score) and gain nothing and some eat practically nothing more than lettuce :( and start gaining weight. In that case its METABOLISM.


It seems that if you are a very hard gainer… then in your particular case it makes even more sense than for someone else that gains from merely farting :chuckle: to keep careful and meticulous records of all the stimuli.

This would include but is not limited to:

Methods (pumping ,hanging etc)
Routine (sets,reps,intervals of time)
Diet (carbs,protein,calories etc.)
Supplements (all that good shit)
Rest (between workouts, sleep patterns)
Times of day you performed your workout.
Erection hardness (Good monitor of over training)
So forth and so on…

You get the basic picture.

Not unlike a scientist you will eventually discover what really works best for YOU but for YOU only!!! Don’t worry too much what about anybody else gained and what they did!

But do keep your ears open at all times…Keep browsing the forum,researching or what not!!!

I would often compete in Marathons and 10 kilometer races
There are two schools of thought for competing and winning:

1)Compete against your competitor (keep catching the guys in front of you and you will win)

2)To hell with the people around you (whether they are speeding up or slowing down) and compete against the clock because if you know no one can run that fast you will obviously win.

I always chose to compete with the clock.

But unlike running in a race…IN THE GAME OF PE…EVERYBODY CAN WIN with some diligence and focus!!!

Monitoring and logging everything that you do (even when you fart :chuckle: ) like a hawk then take notice of any gains (however small) and then like a PE
Scientist …you can extract what promoted that gain continue and try to refine it even more by experimenting!

1) You find a small gain and you backtrack in your log and take note.

2)Every so often see if you can accelerate those gains by Adding to it a slight alteration and then wait and see what happens (does it improve?)
2a) yes
continue new version
2b) no
discontinue new version and resume whatever the old version was.

Remember that your LOG (JOURNAL) is like a ROAD MAP that gets you to your destination.
You know where you are at and where you are going…you learn how to read it and interpret it.
Yeah there are detours, twist and turns and you get lost sometimes but stick to the basic paths of improvement and you will arrive at your destination.

When I was running races I always competed with the clock.

When working on my PE project I always compete with the ruler/tape measure and I use my LOG as my road map.

Last but not least Have patience. :)

If you knew you could not fail...what would you attempt to do? Female Foot Fetish Current Stats: 5/4/10 8.5BPx6.0, 7.5NBP Achieved Goal and have been on maintenance program since


thanks supersizeit!!

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Edited version of my history.

(edited version)

I always felt I had a small dick, and the burden became tougher and tougher to handle through-out high school. Through some of my high school years, I would do searches of Penis Enlargement. All I really found back then was hanging and pumping. I didn’t know shit about hanging then, gave it a try with some rope, but just had no belief it would work.

So I accepted that 4.5” would be what I’d have to live with. I felt a little cheated, but I accepted what I was given. I felt it wasn’t fair I couldn’t do anything to change this. I felt powerless. I tried putting it behind me, and was able to for the most part. I still did the things I wanted to, went out with the guys, flirted with girls, etc. There were a few girls I wanted to get involved with back then, I knew they liked me, and I had an interest in them, but one thing stopped me from going passed flirting, my dick size. I just couldn’t handle their reaction if they thought/knew I had a small dick. And even more troubling would be them telling their friends and having a reputation of having a small dick. In high school, word travels fast, and I didn’t want to chance it. I was well liked, and probably could of had a few gf’s in high school, but whenever they got too close, I pushed them away, and moved on. I didn’t want the added pressure. So I watched opportunity after opportunity pass me by. And I was fairly content with missing these opportunities, because atleast I knew I couldn’t of been embarrassed about my dick size, since I wouldn’t let any girl see.

I loved high school, but sometimes I wonder “What If.” I missed some chances with a few great girls, and maybe my life would of came out different if I said “what the hell” and went for it. “What If” I was born with a bigger dick, instead what I was given. Would I of had more sex? Would my morals gone out the window, and I’d be having sex constantly? Would of I had a different date to prom? Would I of fell in love? I guess those are a few things, I can never answer.

So I graduated and still look at high school in a positive way. It was alot of fun regardless of my insecurities. I moved onto college and started seeing a girl that went to my old high school. I guess I let her in my life more than I usually would since we were going to different colleges at the time. So, atleast if she said something negative, I wouldn’t hear about it, or atleast hope I didn’t.

Over the summer we hung out alot, and we got really close. It felt good to show my feelings, and feel like I didn’t have to hold back. One thing led to another in my room one day, and we had sex, but the whole experience wasn’t as good as I’d thought it’d be. The lingering thoughts of my insecurity was going through my head constantly while we were having sex. The condom didn’t fit how I thought it would, and honestly she felt loose to me. She said she was a virgin, so I figured I was the reason it felt so bad. This didn’t help my ego at all. I started to push her away, I just didn’t want to deal with the stress at the time, and she was going away to college anyways. I didn’t want a long distance relationship and I had my own issues to deal with. So she went away to college, and we kept talking to each other as friends. Slowly we drifted apart and I lost touch with her.

Shortly before fall term was starting in college, I was checking my e-mail one night and recieved an ad from a PE Paysite(Penis Development). My interest was struck immediately, so I checked out the site and read through everything. I thought to myself “Hey this could work.” I thought I’d give it a shot, I had nothing to lose. I thought if this didn’t work, then nothing will. I was going to dedicate myself to this PE Program, no way I was going into this half-assed. As bad as it sounds, it was my number one priority. Starting at 4.5”, I was hoping for any type of change. I never missed any workout days, and actually trained complusively. The first 3 months into PE, I probably took 5 days off combined. I worked out at the gym, went to school, and did PE, making my PE workouts come first before anything.

My initial goal when first getting into PE was just to be average. I felt I was behind every other guy, and I atleast wanted to keep up with everyone. I’d take being “average” over being small anytime. So I was completely dedicated to this program. I made sure I did everything correctly, and made sure I did it atleast 6 days out the week. The hardness in my erections came first. Once I saw that first change a few days in, my optimism grew because I knew atleast something was changing down there, even if was just a harder erection. First time I measured I had jumped to 5”. I didn’t get overly excited over it, because I thought maybe I had measured wrong the first time or maybe there was some sort of error of how I was measured. I figured if I got to 5.5 or 6”, then I would know for sure it was working. Well I reached 6” in less than 3 months, and after that there was no turning back.

Shortly after adjusting to being “average”, my motivation took a dive. I had accomplished what I wanted to initially, to reach 6”. The week of hitting 6”, I took that week off, and just did other things. I went out on a date that week, and ended up having sex one night with a girl in the back of my car. She said she was a virgin, but who knows. Well anyways, she had said “I hope you’re not too big, since its my first time.” When I finally took my boxers off, she said “Oh, you’re a good size since I’m virgin. Atleast I know it wont hurt.”… That was a huge stab at my ego. I wasn’t even mad at her for saying that. That night changed my outlook on a few things. Being “average” just doesn’t cut it, so why should I settle for being like everyone else? I wanted to be above average. I took her negative comment and made it into something positive. She gave me a renewed purpose, I was fully motivated again.

I set the bar for 7x5.5. I reached that fairly quickly, and passively continued to do PE. Around that time I stumbled onto PE Forums from the old Ezboard. I had got the link to the site from a second paysite I started using(PenileFitness). I did alot of reading before doing any posting. I thought it was awesome that there was alot of guys trying to do the same things I was doing and I could talk about. PenileFitness’ forum was very slow, and PE Forums had alot more traffic than PenileFitness.

As I was reading some of the experiences/stories from PE forums, my expectations dropped. Many guys had smaller gains than I had gotten. I had thought my gains at the time(2.5 in length, 2.0 in girth) were normal. After reading those posts, I learnt I had gotten lucky in the gain department. At the same time, my belief hit the wall. I didn’t think I had any more potential to gain, after comparing myself to other PE’ers. I believe DLD went through the same thing, before reading Bib’s experience.

I couldn’t get myself passed 7”bp. So I did some reading about hanging, and bought myself a Bib Hanger. It was tough to make those initial adjustments, but thanks to Bib I got the hang of it. (Thanks Bib) For about 3 and a half months, I hanged for hours a day. It put me up to 7.5”bp. Til this day I still owe Bib that extra 0.5” in length he gave me through all his help and advice.

The unreachable goal was 8x6” and I was able to reach that length goal. DLD’s posts gave me a new belief of how much I can gain. Sky’s the limit for me. As of today I sit at 8”bp in length. I’ll start going for that 6” girth after I reach my new length goal of 9” bp. I’ve come along way from that 4.5x3.5 size I started with. I appreciate everything I’ve gained from PE, and its had a positive effect in other aspects of my life. I just feel alot better now than I did almost 3 years ago when I first started PE. Its undescibable. It feels awesome.

I’m hoping to reach that 9x6 someday soon, within the next year hopefully, and spend more time on other things. I’ll always be involved with PE in some way, and with both PE Forums and Thunders Place. I owe alot to these boards, and even though I don’t post as much as other guys, I really do appreciate everyone’s involvement in these boards.

Thanks Guys. Coming up on 3 years of PE this October.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."

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