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cold to the touch

cold to the touch

I did a search and really could not find what I was looking for. I was just wondering if some or any other members may experience what I have, or still do. I do not know if this is related with poor circulation however, my penis and balls sometimes are cold to the touch even when the temperature is not cold and when they may be hanging pretty well. This is more pronounced during athletics but I can understand as blood is being pumped elsewhere, but I do not understand why they would be cold when I am sitting on the couch.

I am just curious if other experience the same. One would think pe would help this, I have no erection issues and morning wood is constant with my routine right now.

I’ve been like that all my life. I function normally, so I don’t think it’s bad :) .

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Well it is well known that your genitals — or at least your balls — hang outside your body so they don’t overheat. And when they get too cold, your balls suck into your body to get more heat.

So, I would say:

1. everyone’s genitals are probably a bit colder than their body core temperature
2. your perception/interpretation unintentionally exaggerates it (as in, the difference is probably 3 degrees, meanwhile it feels to you like your unit is about to sprout icicles)
3. maybe there is a sweat/clamminess factor (like cold, clammy hands)

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Mine is like that too.

Same thing on my end. Just make sure the penis is warm for all exercising, not the balls!

I’ve been experiencing this with PEing, my unit increased one inch but I always feel it cold when peeing and shaking, but I also got worried, feeling that it ‘died’. Feel much better now, since I had no change on the morning habits (woods).

My bad.

I saw the title to this thread and thought we would were going to be discussing women again.

Carry on.

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