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Cold, numb glans

Cold, numb glans

Last night after doing my routine.. my glans was cold and white spoltchy looking. I went fishing and it was this way for 4 hours. Also when I pissed, it had a burn. None of these felt good, normal or safe. I warmed up, stretched and jelqed. I’ve read other cold glans threads, but whats the deal? This can’t be good.

It’s not like that now is it? If it is, get to the doctor immediately!

It shouldn’t get that bad during PE - make sure you let some blood back in now and again. If you jelq too hard, you might hurt the nerves in the penis - that could account for the numbness. Coldness is caused by cutoff of circulation and is definitely not a good sign. The burning while pissing is probably the cold flesh getting surprised by warm piss, like when your hands get really cold, even warmish water feels scalding.

Be gnetle with your body and take it easy.

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For a newbie, you are going at it way to hard. The coldness is probably do to lack of blood flow or a damaged nerve. Especially after stretching you should restore blood flow by slapping your cock against your leg or helecoptering.

Your description lacks a lot of details but this type result is almost always from going way overboard, especially when you are new to this. Read the newbie routines and go slowly.

Warm up- hot wash cloth wrapped for 10 min

Stretch- Up, down, left, right- 45 second holds. x3

Warm up again- wash cloth 5 min

Jelq- 10-15 min… I’m confident that the amount of pressure I’m applying is good. My penis stays warm and plump throughout day. Erections feel thicker in my hand.

Whatever the cause, you need to take a break and let it resolve. Don’t do any PE for at least four to five days, a week would be better.

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