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Cold glans from extender

Cold glans from extender

I recently purchased the vac extender 4.1. At first, I wore it for only 15 minutes to test out the vacuum function and to see how it felt. No pain, felt great. The next day, I wore it for 45 minutes and noticed that when I took it off, the portion of my penis that was covered with the vacuum cone and the suction cup (Basically the parts that are being pulled by the cone,sleeve, and cup) was much cooler than the base of the penis. It definitely felt cold. There was no pain and I just warmed it up under a warm shower for 5 minutes and all was grand.

My questions are
1) is the penis supposed to get cold like that? (When people are suggesting 4-6 hours of use a day, I only wore it for 45 mins and the penis got cooler)
2) how to avoid this if needed?
3) is there need to remove the vacuum and extender after an hour use? Or is there a way to get blood into the penis without removing the system?


It’s sensible to remove any extender after 20 minutes of use, to at least regain full circulation. Cold and or blue glans are indicative of poor circulation. It really doesn’t take that long with poor circulation to cause permanent damage. Even if, let’s say, 99 out of 100 times circulation is good enough to last longer than 20 minutes, you only have one dick.

It’s fairly easy to build up to 6+ hrs a day in 20 minute sets with a ten minute break in between each set.

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Just put it on for 20 minutes and removed it and the glans was cold like yesterday when I wore it for longer. So I guess this is normal? Or does it stop over time when the penis gets used to the extender?

No, it won’t stop, though you may find you get better circulation at a lower tension. 20 minutes with minimal circulation is enough.

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Ok I have a fair amount of experience with the traction extenders. I have the same one, or very similar, that you use from Monkeybar. I can say that I haven’t used it all that much but it does function well, and it’s the same concept as a regular extender albeit using vacuum force to induce the stretch..

A few years back I had used a Jes, which is the same parts basically except it don’t use the sleeve/vac, it was a noose style that you tighten behind the glans to hold the traction stretch. I wore this thing as much as possible for months straight, and it did bring me some length.. But I’ve always gotten the cold glans thing going on after a few minutes of wearing it, no matter what I found it was unavoidable. I used padding, I switched to a comfort Velcro strap.. My glans would eventually become cold and purple.

I think part of it is the way your penis is “built”. I have large prominent glans, so even flaccid if I grip behind the head and squeeze, they engorge. I wore mine up to 10 hours per day sometimes. I have no issues with loss of sensitivity or anything from it. I don’t think you need to take breaks every 20 minutes, this isn’t like hanging, you want constant and consistent traction. But like any PE, you start out slow, lowest force, a few hours, and over a few weeks gradually add more of both.

I wore mine a lot at work. And unless you just sit at home all day it will be hard to get the hours in especially if you’re taking constant breaks. I can say that these things aren’t always comfortable, in fact, sometimes it will be downright painful and you need relief NOW lol. This is when I’d give it a break. And you think you killed your dick but after a minute or two of shake outs it looks and feels fine and back into the torture device it goes lol.

In all seriousness, it depends on you I think and how tolerant and sensitive your penis is. I could sometimes forget I’m wearing it for a few hours and rest when I have to piss. Other times (usually after many days/hours) it would become bothersome after about an hour and I’d have to rest. I’d always try to make at least an hour. Really, you have to “listen to your dick”, I can put my penis through a pretty good beating and still get good PI’s, but that don’t mean anyone can.

Like I said, I don’t have a whole lot of experience with the vac hanger, I could tell that like anything though, it takes some getting used to, till you get things fast and consistent with the device and find that sweet spot in the stretch. Just do what feels right and comfortable and if it starts to HURT at the head, take it off and rest. Almost any PE stuff I do, for me, makes my glans swell and in the case of any hanging/extender, they will get cold also.

I use my vac ext 4.1 for about 30-40min at a time. I feel thats is 100% safe for me. Sometimes when it feels good I use it for up to 60 min. But then it’s somewhat higher risk, I have a few times had a big drop in sensitivity, it feels scary the first times but it’s no problem, it’s back in half a minute. But if I would wear it for much over 60min then it might be problem I think, I use pretty high tension. My glans almost always get a little more cold, I think thats pretty unavoidable and totally harmless.

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