Cockring helping to benifit gains

Hello all. If anyone has read my past post my main focus is girth gains. A about a month or so ago, I stated that I was going to start clamping lightly and was told that whats a newbie doing considering clamping? Well after 7 solid months of the newbie routine and a few different kind of bends I decided to start clamping.

So for about 4 consistent weeks now I have been doing a light routine about two 5 minute sessions a day. I know clamping is all about expansion, and when I’m in the clamp I gain maybe .25 inch or just a little over that. So for the last week or so I have experimented with putting on a cock ring right after getting outta the clamp. Within 15 or 20 min of having the cock ring on I gain about another .5-.6 inch of expansion. Today I hit 5.7in girth. That is a personal best for me. Considering my EG before I started PE was about 4.7EG. Now on a great raging hard-on I usually top out at an even 5in EG.

My question to you guys is this. Am I basically just getting the pumped effect from wearing the ring or is it showing me that if I keep clamping and working at things that I could someday reach an EG of 5.7in? I know growth is all about expansion but am I thinking logically? Also I really never messed around with a cock ring before and was wondering if it help your flaccid hang at all? At around 4.4FG I would like to increase the appearance of that as well. Any help or advice would be great. Thank you