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Cockring after pumping question


I didn’t like having to sneak off to pump. It was a little awkward so I think I’m going to try your way. Have her blow me in the shower and put the bathmate on while she sucking on my balls. Anybody try that before?. I get excited just seeing how big I get in the tube so that might be some good foreplay and help me come out the tube hard. The expansion would be ridiculous.

Getting sucked on the balls while she is butt naked and your favorite food, and atmosphere in the room cannot hurt pump expansion one bit!


What a busted nut in the end!

Originally Posted by Titleist
The best decision I made was to have my fiance, now wife come over for an afternoon of fun. She laid out nude in the back yard as I pumped. We had adult beverages and enjoyed the afternoon. She was getting horny and asked me to put my pumped cock in her. Ever since then she’s had no problem with me pumping or trying to get larger.

Kudos to you dude. Have fun and keep it fun and exciting.

What a life. Eating steak and lobster while doing this even!


Lobster while pumping ha. Might as well have a cold one with it. Who said PE can’t be fun. Now I can say I did that before. I took a girl out to eat, it was a dark restaurant and we got a Booth in the back. She barely ate and instead of sitting there watching me eat she dissapeared under the table for a good ten minutes. It was the best chicken parm I ever had.

My bod is still on the way, but i’m pretty tight.

I want to cook for her with naked, maybe a chef hat, and some kinda apron with the dick out. It’s a pumped long flaccid while i cook something that’s favorite of hers.

Wouldn’t mind for her to pop in the kitchen to massage my snake, or pop it in her mouth for a little bit of extra motivation.

I got one of my ladies coming over to play with the ol braggiole. I’m going to try the broccoli band.

My wife LOVES the pump..

She loves to go down on me slow after. She wished we would have got it years ago!


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