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Climax and frequency of additional masterbation

Climax and frequency of additional masterbation

Well hello,

I am new here and this is my first post! I’m sure you’ve probably all heard these questions before but:
1: At what point in the Jelqing exercise can I climax? Is it not recommended that I climax during the exercise?

2: Can I masterbate normally at other times during the day or should I just be sticking to the Jelqing routine.


I can feel another one of those masturbation/gain debates starting. :)

Here’s my opinion as a vet and a good gainer:
Finish your whole PE routine, THEN get yourself off if you want to.



I would just do PE and forget jerking off. Trust me it will give you larger gains, and will make you go out and find a girl. When you jerk off at home you become complacent, satisfied and uninspired.



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