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Click Here and add an inch instantly Ok maybe not I just have a few questions

Click Here and add an inch instantly Ok maybe not I just have a few questions

A few questions..

1) When performing a stretch, how can you tell if you are applying enough force to stimulate growth?
This is big for me because I always worry that I am not applying enough force to gain and the uncertainty definitely does not help me in staying consistent.

2) From the reading I have done thus far, I feel that incorporating an ADS is worthwhile, but am still unsure as which one to use (Although, I am leaning towards the VacExtender, but my concern there is which to buy since it appears a new one is being made and the price of the vacextender seems rather costly so would it be worth it?).

3) While stretching, the struggle to get a good comfortable grip can make a session take much too long so I am wondering what people do to get a good grip that doesn’t irritate the skin (I say this because I use a strip of cotton, but it still irritates the skin to were there is some dry skin flaking and makes me slightly worried about desensitizing my glans). I am aware of talcum/baby powder but have yet to try, and am also wondering if something like the vacextender could be used for effective stretching.

4) When people speak of being “sore” what exactly does this feel like? As I mentioned in the first question, I worry about not having an intense enough session to stimulate growth and not really getting a feeling I would describe as being “sore” makes me worry I am not reaching that critical point.

5) Is there a magic dick fairy that will add an inch if I put a quarter under my pillow?

My thoughts on ADS are also that it will help me stay consistent because I will be passively PE’ing so much of the day when wearing one and it will just keep me in the mindset and help me to stay with a routine, and the extra potential of gains are intriguing as well.

I want to try and be effective and efficient as possible for my goals are to gain at LEAST .75” EL by the end of summer, so about 6 months. Any girth gains would be a plus. I plan on doing the newbie routine and am thinking about going 3 on 1 off/2 on 1 off.

I will try to be paying attention to PI’s but I don’t really do a great job of it. I rarely notice a drastic increase in engorgement after a session except for about 5-10 minutes after where there is a good hang, besides that there is an increase in veinage but no feelings of being sore.

Anyway, my tired arse is started to ramble so I’ll just shutup and press submit, looking forward to the replies.

1. When you feel a tugging sensation with pressure behind it. Pressure to cause a little discomfort is OK, but you should tug a bit softer. Pain is bad. Period.

2. Do a search on ADS or hangers.

3. Wrap a light cloth over your penis and stretch. I keep a towel nearby when I stretch so I can wipe my penis when is becomes to slippery. Yes, vacextenders can be effective for stretching.

4. Sore = pain. Unbearable. Excruciating. A little discomfort may be an indicator for you to ease up a bit.

5. Of course. His name is Thunder and he made this website for YOU ;)

So much questions, but I’ll try to answer the 1st one.

About the indicator of good workout during a stretch : me I personally “feel” it in the dick. Before the stretch, I make sure my dick is not engorged, so I ain’t trying to work with a thick cock

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Thanks for the replies so far.

Oki, you lost me on the 4th point though. You say sore = pain etc. And then you said a little discomfort is a sign to ease up a bit, but isn’t being sore a positive PI? And what would cause so much pain? To me that would seem like someone is overdoing it.

regards, mgus

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