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Clear up some confusions

Clear up some confusions

I have been PEing for about a month now following the newbie routine, going 2 or sometimes 3 on 1 off. Thus far no gains but I have several positive PI’s so I’m feeling optimistic. However I have a couple of questions I was hoping someone might be able to clear up.

First - I’m slightly confused on the LOT theory; If I have a LOT around 9 or 10, I should be stretching downwards, then check later on to change angle once I’ve dropped below 8?
Second - Broken capillaries on the head are what cause red/purple dots. I’ve gotten a small dot (but larger than a pinprick) as a result of jelqing and am wondering if it is safe to continue with the newbie routine. I’ve searched for information regarding dots, and it seems that the general consensus is to play it safe and rest - but usually it’s a result of hanging or more strenuous activities. Also the speculation that dots are foreshadowing coming gains is quite the motivation to continue with the exercises.
Finally - I’m confused between the slight ‘soreness is indication that it’s working’ and ‘if there is pain stop before you injure yourself’ outlooks. I definitely haven’t had any pain, and very little soreness, if any, during and after exercises.

I know everyone is different and that I’ll learn most of what works for me as I go along, but if anyone with more experience could lend their two cents I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks for helping a newb.

I wouldn’t worry about the dots really as they clear themselves up pretty quickly especially on a rest day. Also I find that they indicate that you’re actually achieving something.

In my opinion, LOT is not important. It is just a theory. I don’t follow the LOT theory. As englandengland said, a day or two will clear up the red pin-prick dots. If you don’t want these in the future, warm up well or reduce the intensity slightly.

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Those little red spots are rather common when starting out in PE and not a problem.

I got the books, the DVD’s and even went to a few LOT seminars and still can’t figure it out.

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Great, seems like I’m on track then. Thanks all.


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