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Cleaning the AutoXleeve?

Cleaning the AutoXleeve?

I’ve searched but haven’t found, Can I just clean the silicon sleeve with soap? will it damage the silicon for some reason ?

I would guess that toilet soap would be OK providing you rinse it well. But detergent would be best avoided

But look to see what is causing whatever ‘gunge’ you want to clean off. Is it the result of using lubricant of some sort. If so check that the lube is not damaging to silicon

Hope that helps


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Is there anything on cleaning silicone dildos? Same material, perhaps same procedures of what can work and what will destroy it? I don’t know for sure, so I am asking/guessing.

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Hmm bad searching then, you can find it on his videos:

There is a part where cleaning is mentioned, just with normal soap and water.

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Water and/or normal hand soap works well. Part of the way these sleeves work is you are getting traction from the silicone, and if it’s dirty, the silicone will stick less(become less effective). I wash mine before and after each use, and it’s as good as the day I got it :)


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