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Clarifications on Newbie Routine.

Clarifications on Newbie Routine.

Hello everyone. I have just recently started PE exercises, following the newbie routine, but several questions have come up that I could not find in the FAQ or the search button (please forgive me if I happened to have missed it).

1) While the guides recommend anywhere from 30-80% erection, I find myself with a full 100% erection most of the time. Is this harmful? The second post in this thread Did I Damage My Penis seems to say jelqing with full erection is dangerous.

2) Whenever I have a full erection, my penis points straight up, and I cannot stretch it downwards. So far, I have modified it to straight up stretches, and a bit to either side, still pointing up. Is stretching with a full erection dangerous as well?

Thanks a lot.

1/ Jelqing with a full erection is possibly dangerous and almost certainly useless. Can’t you think of Grandma or Baseball or something?

2/ You should be stretching completely flaccid.

Jelq my boy, jelq like the wind.

As far as I know the consensus on stretching & jelqing the penis while fully erect is that it should be avoided.

Originally Posted by Klayton

Can’t you think of Grandma or Baseball or something?

Perhaps that is what is giving him a woody?

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Do not jelq/stretch with a 100% erection.

Many people who started (myself included) experienced the same problem.

When you are stretching, you should be flaccid, when you start jelqing, you want to have about a 30 - 50% erection. Many people, myself included find that jelqing on the low end of this provides more expansion and works better. When I try to jelq with too high an erection, I get negative PIs (physical indicators, i.e. shrinkage).

Get yourself to 30%, do as many jelqs as you can until you reach 50%, and then stop and wait for the erection to subside. Taking the break will not negatively impact the workout, and believe me, in a very short period of time, your dick will know it’s time to work, not play.

In the beginning, I didn’t think I would be able to keep at it (it took maybe a half hour to do 100 jelqs waiting for erections to subside) but now it’s no problem at all. Stay with it.

Thanks freedman, very well written reply. You covered it all.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I have the opposite problem. I never thought I was erect enough when jelqing. Glad to hear 30 - 40 percent will get the job done.

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