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clarification on JAI stretch

clarification on JAI stretch

Hello everyone. I just needed some clarification on the JAI stretch. The reason that I ask is that the video says different from whats typed in the directions posted. For example, the typed directions say that you should breathe in while stretching for 2 seconds and then release the stretch while exhaling, but the video seems to differ. Can someone tell me how the breathing in and out should be in relation to the stretches. Thank you all for your time.

The guy who brought it to popularity Johan, said breathe in when stretching. I know this as I had the same concern as you and went back through his posts and checked. Suck the stomach in a little. I do them for 3 secs each also as opposed to two, really good stretch.

The whole logic behind the JAI stretch is like a active isolation stretch in exercising, you stretch the dick before the stretch reflex kicks in and drags it back, to that end mine tend to get more intense from start to finish.

thankyou lord harris for that information. It has certainly cleared matters up. Have you had any gains from these stretches?

Yeah I gained literally overnight from them when I first used them. How much I can’t say but I had sore ligs and my dick definatley looked longer. I wouldn’t want to overdo them though as I think like fowfers your dick quickly adapts and toughens to them at least that’s my theory.

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