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Clamping with spotting on penis

Clamping with spotting on penis

Hey ya’ll,

I was wondering if you could still do a clamp workout if you have some mild spotting on the penis (more specifically some little purple spots on the shaft) from jelqing? I know I should wait a couple days for them to go away to start jelqing again, but yeah, I wasn’t sure if this applied to clamping also.



It applies to most pressure-based PE. The blood spotting you’re experiencing indicates weak points caused from using too much force - clamping will only make them worse. Take time off to let them heal and remember not too push that hard again.

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Thanks Drilla.

Yes and you should also be extremely careful with clamping an unconditioned penis. You can cause serous irreparable damage to your member, and I am sure you don’t want that. Many members would say stay away from clamping until you have been PEing for several months. It takes time for your penis to get use to the exercises, and if you are still getting bruising from just a normal jelq routine you might want to give yourself some time to adapt to the PE exercises.

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