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Clamping with other materials

Clamping with other materials

Hey guys, this is my first post. I’m not too new to PE.. I’ve known about this forum and read it for a couple of years. I’ve been practicing PE inconsistantly for a couple of years as well, and I probably have seen some kind of improvement, but I never made any measurements. I was too shy to put that I have experience in my profile, so that’s probably why I was stuck in the newbie forum.

Now that I’ve finally gotten to get out the ruler and a peice of paper to measure dimensions I decided I would like to start to work on girth. I’ve read about the clamping routine but I don’t really want to go ahead and buy a cable clamp and other equipment. I’ve begun to use a shoelace as my clamp. It seems to work ok, and it’s not too painful.

I wanted to ask though.. What is the disadvantage of this? Why use a cable clamp instead of something else? I don’t really want to have PE paraphenelia lying around my place.. It’s sort of embarrassing you know?

There is no disadvantage fulcrum. I used a network cable to clamp and achieved excellent results with it. A shoe lace could to the same things but won’t it cut into you skin?

The main reason use cable clamps is that they are very easy to use and they can live with the clamps. When someone ask where they use them for, the guy probably says that he uses them for something else, for instance to keep cables together, which is the original purpose.

A cable clamp has a legitimate purpose. That’s why they’re sold in hardware stores and not porn shops. Use it to keep an extension cord in a tight bundle and no one will “suspect” anything. They
cost less than $1.50 each (medium size) at Home Depot.

The advantage is they have a relatively wide contact area compared to a cock ring or shoelace and they can be consistently applied to the same tension (count the clicks) and they’re easy to remove in a hurry. The disadvantage is that they make noise. :)

Your shoestring might not be applied the same way each time you use it and the small contact area can cause greater skin damage than the wider clamp.

Originally Posted by fulcrum
I wanted to ask though.. What is the disadvantage of this? Why use a cable clamp instead of something else? I don’t really want to have PE paraphenelia lying around my place.. It’s sort of embarrassing you know?

PM Bird2, he uses a network cable.

You use a network cable!? That’s cool. Anyway, I don’t think the shoelace causes skin damage, it’s pretty painless and simple really. I might try to find a cable clamp at a hardware store just to try it out.. I’m not sure if I have too many cables lying around that I need to clamp. But also, I don’t know if I have sufficient padding lying around. I guess I might try cutting up a shred of T-shirt. I already have a T-shirt under my bed that I use as a semen collecting device (is that a PC enough term for these forums?). The sound shouldn’t matter, I live alone. I have a GF, but she lives away..

That reminds me though. I wonder what people’s experience is in telling significant others about their PE?

BTW. My GF left a shoelace on my nightstand.. And left baby oil in the shower.. I’m sure it was unintentional, but I have used both for PE. Funny huh?

It was originally referred to as “constriction” methods. We now call it clamping because the clamps have become very popular.

Constriction is the methodology, and clamping is just one way to do it. What I find the main difference is convenience. If you use cord or tee shirt material (1/2 inch wide, 12 inches long) it is very comfortable, and infinitely adjustable, but the problem is you have to wind and unwind it to adjust it. The cable clamps can just be clicked tighter or looser…very convenient.

I use a folded up Kleenex. Padding doesn’t have to be very much, just enough to keep the edges of the device off of the skin.

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