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Clamping with hands

Clamping with hands

Hi fellas, I’ve been doing the newbie routine for some time now and definitely looking to start clamping.. I’m not after length at all, only girth.

And I was wondering how clamping worked and the technique used??

Do you just basically clamp as close to the pubic bone as possible?
But how would the penis fill up with blood if it’s clamped? How does it become so engorged etc??

How long should you leave it clamped for? What are the signs to look out for?

A simple ‘how to clamp’ technique would be appreciated.

Last month I tried clamping, but just trapping the blood in with a typical ‘ok’ grip, pumped some blood in, then gripped again, trapping the blood in, and repeated until it was engorged with blood and looking big.I then SLOWLY put a little pressure forcing the blood towards the glands.. I did a few sets of these and finished.. Although a while later once it became flaccid, I noticed the ‘donut effect’ just under the glands and lumps on the glands, looked like a fluid buildup??

After 1.2 hour or so it returned to normal thank god

Anyways, I have definitely noticed that my penis is a little fuller looking and feels thicker just after that one session??
Would that routine work at all? Or would clamping be better.


The manual clamping you tried last month sound pretty much like what I do, or used to do when I had the time to do it. My feeling is that you should definately “warm up” your member with heat and other exercises for a few minutes. Then OK grip at the base, as far back as you can get it, with a partial erection, pump in more blood with kegeling.

You don’t want to hold it for too long, but if you’re using your hands, they will probably get too tired before you get in serious danger. After a while your cock will turn dark due to lack of fresh blood.

I usually release every few minutes and shake it out, do some more jelqs, then start clamping and squeezing again. Others do it differently. If you get to the point where you don’t sensation when your fingers come in contact with the skin on your cock it’s definately time to release the grip.


What you are doing sounds very similar to my Girth Blasters jelqing technique. Since you are ready to graduate from newbie status, give the Girth Blasters a try. Just take it easy at first, because you can make this exercise very intense.

Girth Blasters New Jelq Technique

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