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Clamping troubles

Clamping troubles

I’m sure this has been answered but I couldn’t find where. I’ve been doing PE for around a year now and recently found this site. I just started clamping to mix it up. When I clamp though my erection fades down to below 50%. I know it will go down some but I just feel like that is too much. I’ve only tried it a few times but I do wrap thick and feel like my clap is tight enough but maybe not. Any input would be appreciated.

You have to start with lower erection and go up. But in my experience You will never know until you have experience in clamping. What are you using? What kind of clamp? Is it tight enough? It’s not necessary to start clamping full erected. But I think your not tightening the clamp much

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Try pushing the clamp more towards the pubic bone. You want to cut the outflow completely.

Ok thanks for the help. Usually I get a full erection, wrap with ace bandage, and then clamp it. Then after a minute or two it goes down. I will try to go a little tighter tomorrow though. Right now I just use a hose clamp because our walmart didn’t have any. So I’m going to go look somewhere else for a cable clamp.

Do not use a hose clamp without a lot of padding. You could bruise a nerve.

To get more erection, try edging while watching porn. If you have a sexual kink then find some of that.

I also used L-arginine as kind of a poor mans viagra. I also used a “pocket pussy” with some lube. It is mostly a mental thing.

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