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Clamping---To Expand Or Not To Expand!

Clamping---To Expand Or Not To Expand!

Hi all, I’m sort of new to clamping but consider myself an expert hanger. In hanging, I always gauged my potential growth—-my progression—-based on the amount of stretch I got after my workout. It’s the old plastic deformation argument I suppose. That said, I am taking the same approach to clamping.

If I don’t get expansion in the clamp, I don’t believe I will be able to attain growth. Currently, I’m about 5.25 MSEG and expand to 5.5 in the clamp. So my question for the vets is: what kind of expansion did you get when you ended up gaining .5 inches+ of girth to your unit? Did it sort of go up in .25 increments? Do you expand to .5 inches of girth in the clamp?

Hog before: 6'' NBPEL; 5'' MSEG---->> Hog now: 7.3" NBPEL; 5 1/4" MSEG; 8.5 BPFSL

I don’t know how to answer your question because I can’t remember once measuring while I was clamped.

Visually? Sure, it looked bigger. And it felt bigger clamped.



I get the best results when all the little veins and big veins are visible. When your cock feels not 100% erect rather extremely thick and meaty.

Thanks guys. Read Drilla’s, seems many people just get a max of .5 inches of expansion in the clamp.

Hog before: 6'' NBPEL; 5'' MSEG---->> Hog now: 7.3" NBPEL; 5 1/4" MSEG; 8.5 BPFSL

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