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Clamping safety.

Clamping safety.

I was wondering if it’s safe to clamp behind the macaroons, or is it safer to clamp only on the shaft?

Newbs should only consider clamping the base of the shaft. BTB (Behind-the-ball) clamping is a personal preference only worth considering after a good 3-6 months in the saddle.

Seeing as you only joined in January, it’d be best to focus on the Newbie Routine for 3 months and then gently introduce yourself into advanced exercises like clamping. If you’re already thinking about BTB clamping, I’ll warm you a seat in the Injuries Forum.

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Actually, I started jelqing over a year ago took alittle break and am starting again. I don’t plan on clamping any time soon, I just thought I would gather information on what works and the pros and cons of each advanced technique. I think I would Uli for a year or so before I even touched clamps.

Thanks for the information!

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