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Clamping question.

Clamping question.

Well I have been clamping a couple weeks now, and I can actually notice the difference. I have been at PE for a few months so I think I’m conditioned enough to begin. My only problem is that I sort of want to increase the girth of maybe the top 1-2 inches of my penis because I’m already just over 6 inches girth at mid shaft, and I don’t feel that I need any more in the middle. I don’t really like the tinier head I have (around 4.5-5 inches in girth), so I have just though of something that may work. My idea is to clamp the middle of my penis and then the blood would only become really engorged in the areas that I want to increase. Do you think that this would work, or should I just stick to trying to increase it all?

I believe it will work, I don’t see a reason why not.

Hmm I heard from BG that he thinks you only get results when you clamp as close as possible to the body. I could always try applying two clamps, but still being a newbie to clamping I don’t know. I have also started doing light masturbation/very light jelqing in clamping and after the workout it feels great, and no real pain at all during the whole workout unless a try to squeeze harder or bend my penis or something (I have an upward curve). Well if anyone can answer my question that would be great.

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PDC: If it is any consolation, a lot of women love the traffic cone shape, because that way they can enjoy the sensation of a fat base and mid shaft girth with the easy penetration or easy entry that comes with the smaller head. They also love the upward curve for G Spot stimulation. I don’t think clamping mid shaft or near the head will do what you want. Clamping close to the body engorges the entire shaft including the head. Best advice I can offer is don’t worry about shape, just make everything big ;)

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Haha okay thanks. I know about the upward curve hitting the G-spot and I wouldn’t dream of taking it away, it’s maybe just a little more of a curve than I want. Whenever I masturbate it seems that I am sort of pushing down on it increasing the curve a little, and when I jelq or so other exercises I make sure to put pressure the other way. I just think I can keep most of the curve and then maybe make it look a little bit longer by straightening it out just a tad. I remember when I first started out PE with a 6 inch girth thinking: “well I don’t want any more girth, I think ill just go for 8 , 8.5 inches in length, but ever since I tried clamping and saw what it made my penis look like .. I was sold haha. I just hope my length gains won’t suffer due to clamping because I hear it sometimes does. Thanks Bird2 and Big Girtha, you guys are a huge help.

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