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Clamping question

Clamping question

I am wandering about girth trends with clamping. I have heard some people say they gain right after they experience a loss. It’s weired, my dick feels thicker, but it seems to be losing girth. I was so happy for a couple days because it seemed like I was gaining really quick girth, I mean I essentially had an average of 1/4th inch jump in my base, mid and upper shaft in only a few weeks, it took me the previous 6 months without clamping to achieve 1/8th of an inch!

3 weeks ago- I measured 5 midshaft (24 hours off clamping)

5.25 upper shaft

after 5 days off clamping/girth work

5.2- upper shaft
4.93-4.95 mid shaft

Today- 5.18 upper shaft
4.87 midshaft
4.93 base

I essentially came back after 8 days from working out with pretty much the same as above, maybe a few hundredths of an inch below. I have been doing my normal routine, and noticed that I actually lost a little more, only a tiny bit from the upper shaft, but around 1/8th mid, and 1/8th base.

To make a long story short, I don’t think I am overworking because I just had a decon break, and I am doing the same routine i did when I made gains. Also I am pretty particular when it comes to measuring, so I don’t think that’s the problem.

Obviously these are not huge losses, but i am wandering how long does it normally take to get that little bit of girth back?

You are not making permanent gains yet. That is the issue. Keep pushing forward with your clamping and the gains will come. It sounds like you are overly concerned with “losing gains” when you have not made them yet. Clamping can really swell you up and (for me at least) that swelling can hang around until the following day. When I clamp daily, my girth often stays a little larger than usual for 2-3 days in a row of non clamping days. Wow, old thread, but I felt like it needed an answer.

Note: Clamplover is a pseudonym of Stillwantmore, a previously banned member. He has a commercial interest in "The Penis Clamp" and previously had an interest in the “malehanger”. Please treat any of his posts with suspicion.

sometimes it takes 4 years to get a good answer.

I have achieved my short term goals 7 x 6++ 17.78cm bpelx 15.2cm mseg 17.1cm beg...

long term goal 8 x current girth

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