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Clamping ..please help me !

Clamping ..please help me !

Hi all ..
I’m very new to this ..can someone tell me how to clamp please?…and where can I get a good clamp from ?

thanks in advance …

Hi Andre - Those new to PE don’t need to be clamping yet. If you haven’t been doing PE exercises for at least a month to six weeks, then clamping is too advanced for you. The cable clamps that many guys are using can be found at many larger hardware or home supply stores such as Lowe’s, Home Depot or OSH.

You can read about clamping techniques by doing a search, using the search button at the top right of every page, and using the search term “cable clamp”.

Also, please review the Forum Guidelines about posting style. Thanks!

Hi there Westla ..

Well I’m not really new to PE .I been PE’ing for 6 weeks ,but I’m actually new to clamping .BTW,can I use a cock ring as a cable clamp ? If no , can you please clarify why …thanksss

Any of you clamp with the assistance of a power screwdriver? :) I haven’t clamped yet just squeezes with my hands.

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Andre7 - Cock rings work in a similar manner as the cable clamp, but you have less control and the constriction they give may not be enough (depends on the ring). Here are some threads (I used the search feature to find them, you can do that, too.) on cable clamps and girth exercises. I have to stress, again, that this is an advanced technique and it’s very easy to injure yourself if you aren’t careful.

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