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Clamping inbetween hanging sets

Clamping inbetween hanging sets

Is there anyone who does this? I’ve considered trying it to save a lot of time, but I’m not sure if it’s healthy for my unit or not. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Yes, I have experimented with clamping between hanging sets. I have also tried hanging while clamped. My theory is that the tunica will receive a greater portion of the stretch if there is a compression point at the base that isolates. Otherwise, the weight is distributed throughout the entire fascial structure of the groin. I have found this to be a nice variation to target the structures under the pressure of being clamped. Obviously not to be attempted without experience and familiarity with acceptable stresses.

As to the clamping between hanging sets, I think it is worthwhile to balance the longitudinal stress of hanging with the expansion of clamping. I like to play these two against each other and I believe I have developed balance between length and girth.

You are not going to save time, actually, and likely you are going to hurt yourself. My personal belief.

I have actually enjoyed doing a very light clamp sometimes during hanging just because a little bit of pressure inside of wang during hanging, rather than basically none, seems to go a long ways in reducing edema. Also, it just feels different as if it is stretching different fibers in tunica — fibers I might add, that are probably stressed/constricting your length more during erection than the ones stretched totally flaccid (if there is, in fact, any difference in which fibers being stressed).

Too much stress on the cock is counter productive I believe. Don’t listen to the voice inside that tells you “Workout more in less time, your cock will be so, so, so big”. Instead, it’ll be so, so, so dead.

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