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Clamping help

Clamping help

Heya now I been clamping for like maybe two weeks now, just taking a day off when my dick feels the need for it, or two if needed, but my dick just feels good all the time atm. Been doing PE 2 years ish? Anyway the main question I wanted to ask, does anyone ever do more than 2 sets of 3 clamps a day for example, I did 3 reps of 10-12 mins earlier today, and the dick is just feeling really nice and plumper than normally, isit worth having another go? :) And when I clamp I never go soft and keegle pretty much all the way through

I have two clamping techniques. In the morning when I have a super hard erection I clamp down all the way, and I will do 2-3 minute sets, and my goal here is to get the maximum expansion. So I will go until it gets a little sore, but won’t hold it for that long. I use maybe 3 clamps at the most. Before I go to sleep I clamp down to just before the last notch. I will do 4-5 sets, and I will use 4-5 clamps. I use a part of one of those dress socks under the clamps. That’s the most I’ll do in one day.

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