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Clamping girth vs regular erection girth


I think he meant in an exaggerated way, that past a certain length it really doesn’t do much except get in the way. Girth has always been more important than length, but you do need a certain amount of length….ie no microdick.

Originally Posted by plump6

I am new to this (3 weeks) and am excited about the possibilities. When I measure clamped girth I am 0.5” more than regular. Does anybody find that the regular erection girth becomes the same as the clamped girth?

3 weeks into PE,you shouldn’t even be looking at clamping.

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I’d skip the clamping ‘till the dick toughens up… I so badly want to see gains in the girth department, but I am still seeing gains from the newbie routine regarding length. At some point I suppose I’ll start clamping… But so far, I’ve listened to what the Vets on this site have said about … well pretty much everything, and they have yet to steer me wrong. I’d stick to the newbie routine ‘till your dick is good and ready. You may hurt yourself.

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Ok, ok. I have to listen to the advise of all you experienced PEérs. Will put away the clamp for awhile. Other than clamping I am streching, dry jelqing and the slinky one. Seems to be lengthening and loosening up the tunica. The wet jelqs just are not practical for me. I have to sneak in 10-15 minutes of the dry stuff. Thanks again for the input.


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