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Clamping everyday Any thoughts

Clamping everyday Any thoughts

Well I don’t know if this had been asked before but I just wanna know if it’s okay to clamped everyday as opposed to every other day. I just started PE again after 3 years or so of starting it and how I’m glad to be back.

So any thoughts on clamping everyday and why or why shouldn’t I do it.

Thanks and it’s nice to be back,
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Most people go with 2 days on 1 day off.


Some guys clamp 1 on 1 off, some 2 on 1 off, some 5 on 2 off. It would be advisable to include some downtime somewhere along the line to allow your dick to recover from an exercise as rigorous as clamping. With no break days at all, you’ll find your penis becomes exhausted quicker with each day.

The rest days can be as important as the PE days IMO. Also, although you have 3 years previous PE experience, if you’re new to clamping, give yourself a month or so to get back in the saddle with some manual exercises to prepare yourself for clamping regularly.

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Yea everyone is different and responds in a different manner. I would do a normal routine first just to get used to the stress again. I have been a 2 on 1 off before, but I am in experiment mode this week and I am going to go 5 on 2 off for this week. It just seems like the smaller routines/sets do not have that much effect on me and I am curious as to how I respond to doing it everyday in a more intense fashion.

I find that the more intense your PE sessions are, the less you should ejaculate in general. This theory is predicated on the idea that when you ejaculate, your penis loses its liveliness for an extended period of time. In my opinion, if your penis is shriveled up and not responding well to stimuli, it is a bad time to do PE.


Personally I go 2 days on 1 day off and it works I would definitely suggest taking a rest day it’s good for you.

Thanks for everyone’s advice. I just remembered about the importance of rest in PE. So I guess ill start off with 2 days on 1 day off.

I might be a bit different as I have taken only 1 day completely off from clamping last 16 days. But some days, I have only clamped one time in 10 minutes, some days 5 times and a couple of times with two clamps. I feel no problems with stimuli, no problem to get erect again for another set of clamping and actually enjoy the feeling of have a clamp on. Tomorrow, I will take a day off as I will do 5 sets today and probably have sex tonight (cannot imagine it will by of any problem). I am a newbie in clamping (tried cable ties a couple of months back) and thought this would be worse than it is. Stretching was for me worse with red dots, pain in the root etc.

I do not recommend any of this and I understand that I heal faster than most people…or perhaps do not clamp off enough ;) (I am sure I do, discolour and everything). But I have made my penis used to pretty rough exercises during my stretching period, really hard v-stretches, so it is perhaps used to tough treatment. I doubt that taking more days off would help my progress but perhaps I am wrong. I will try another way with more days off for October to see if there is any differences.

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