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Clamping & edema


Originally Posted by Makehergocrazy
How many sets do you usually do and for how long?
Well the half inch of expansion sounds good to me. That’s a good expansion right there, but I’m wondering what your routine looks like.

First I stretch, and then I jelq for 10–15 minutes.

I think when I made the previous post, I was still clamping 3 sets of 10 minutes, edging and kegeling to stay hard, with 5 minutes of jelqing/edging in-between. I was finding that the last set would often be less effective, because I wouldn’t be able to stay as hard during the break. So I switched to 2 sets of 15 minutes, and that’s been working out great. Or at least I thought so until this thread. (:

When I’m done, I throw on a cock ring for half an hour or so.

I do that two or three days in a row, with two days of rest. I would step it up to four, but I’ve been having an issue lately where a scar from a piercing that didn’t work out and the frenulum right underneath it get pretty irritated. I haven’t yet figured out if that’s from hitting this new plateau of .5” expansion and the skin being overstretched—or friction from all the edging and stretching (my grip touches the spot)—or some of both.

Originally Posted by Makehergocrazy
And I agree, we could use a clamping forum section. I made a thread about this and one of the moderators said they all came together and decided it was best to put it all together in the “clamping 101” thread located under the Penis Enlargement section. I forget why they decided this. But I still feel we should have one.

Those threads have become so long it’s hard to reference them. There’s no way to search in-thread.

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.

I’m 4.75” girth when I clamp using the medium cable clamp pro.

I use two silicone sleeves and clamp all the way down on clamp. Is this to much?

I think I have been going too tight. I have a thick wrap as per the photo. The wrap is a bit of insulation designed to go over water pipes.

And I would get all the way shut when I first started but now it is two clicks remaining.

I’ll try moderation later today.

It makes sense as when I first started I would get 0.5 inch expansion. Now, while clamped really hard, to the point where I can’t physically get another click, I only get half of that.

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Originally Posted by The Smithsonian
It varies. I don’t use a wrap, so I tighten it pretty far. When I started, I did it all the way. Now I try to start with a better erection and I close it as far as it will go without having to force very hard. That’s usually three or four clicks from all the way, I think.

I find that arousal level still matters a lot for me. Some days it’s effortless, and some days I’m not in the mood, I’ve got worries, I’m not digging the porn I’m watching, etc. If my erection starts to go down, I’ll click it down a further notch. Sometimes I do that a couple of times. If I feel like I’ve regained the zone, I can always let it back out a click or two.

Hmmm well you might just be clamping a bit too hard. I have a base girth of 5.1 and I also don’t use any wrap or padding and at my tightest leave 3 clicks left. You have a base girth around 5.5 right?

I don’t know, I could be wrong, but maybe give it a shot 4 or 5 clicks for a bit and see how that goes. See how your PIs end up responding. And maybe you’ll be able to clamp for overall more total minutes then in the past, which would mean longer periods of expansion, which should result in gains as well as perhaps no more edema.

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Yeah, I think I’m going to give a more moderate routine a shot.

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.

Well, I took a couple of months off to decondition a little and avoid sitting in front of a space heater in August. Going to start jelqing again for a couple weeks and then try out a clamping routine closer to drilla’s. I’ll report back once I see (or fail to see) some results!

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.


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