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Clamping doesnt work Help me with my girth routine

Clamping doesnt work Help me with my girth routine

I’ve been clamping for 2/3 days per week usually in the weekends for a couple of months now without any gains.
Can somebody give me a good routine?

I usually clamp:
2x 15min.
2x 10min.

Why doesnt it work:( I do get temporarily girth gains, but it doesnt stay.
Maybe I need to clamp harder,longer, frequenter?

Thanks in advance

Seriousely 2/3 days per week is far from enough.

I would recommend you clamp about 4-5 times per week. Wrap at the base with coban non stick tape or cloth. Then put the cable clamp on fairly tight so you are rock hard but not painful. I don’t know which is best whether you edge at a rock hard state for 15 minutes or if you should let it be soft but engorged for 15 minutes. So I do a set of both. That way I get the benefit of both ways. I think it’s working. I’ve found the base is girthier and a little mid shaft. Probably .2 base gain and .1-.2 mid shaft over 2 months of doing this.

A good rule of thumb is, if you can only post in the newbie forum, you probably shouldn’t be clamping at all. :leftie:

Check a members post count before taking their advise on extreme PE routines.

2003: 6X5 2010: 7X7

No Nukes

Big Girtha,

I’m not a newbie. I’ve been doing pe on/off for years, mostly off. I am taking it serious now and am doing mostly clamping with a little pumping. I’m really not into the length, I just want girth, but curious. I am almost 6” long, would love to be 6+x6. Realistically how much length can be made with just clamping. (Even if length gains are small).

I’ve been doing PE about 5 months and would still consider myself a newbie. I don’t have any long term experience with anything I’ve been doing. I can only go on PI’s. The advice I gave on clamping is just based on what I read on other people’s advice threads. None of it is new. I just read about wrapping with coban and using the clamp. I only started this after doing PE for several months and when I started it was only a few minutes in duration building to the 15 now. I have been very careful to avoid thromboses. And I admit I don’t know whether clamp and edge or just clamp is best. I do think that newbie to newbie advice could be useful though because we are in the same boat in terms of trying new things and seeing what works. I am far from reaching my goals though and in no way mean my advice to be expert in any way.

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