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Clamping changes

Clamping changes

OK guys I have been clamping for a little over a month and seem to have gained a 1/4 inch or so base girth.

My main problem at the moment is getting really good expansion. I get hard and it lasts for most of the 10 min session

But then subsides and I lose the expansion. Is there any adjustments or changes I can make for really good expansion?

That expansion will become permanent over time. That is the basic principle behind clamping. Be patient and with time you will see results.

You might also consider mixing up your clamping with O-bends, they give me really good expansion in the worked area. The way I do it is to first get plumped (perhaps from clamping) get 30% erection, grip one hand at the base and bend with the other hand, slightly press the hands together for a ballooning effect and hold it for a while. Then you bend downward, to the sides and so fourth on different parts of the shaft. After you do some of this for a while get a good erection and clamp again.

Start around 2006-03 -- BPEL: 6.2" EG: 4.8"

Current 2008-04-27 ---- BPEL: 7.4" EG: 5.2" BaseGirth:6.1"

Later ------------------ BPEL: 7.87" EG: 5.9" :spin:

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